Monday, 6 November 2017

Three Kat Von D Liquid Lips for Autumn

If there is one thing I love about the colder months, it's a dark lip. I match my lip colours to seasons so when summer draws to a close it's time for this dark loving lip fan to get out her faves ready for the season ahead. When Kat Von D landed on our shores last year, I rushed to try the range and firmly fell for the liquid lipsticks so here are three shades you need if you're partial to a dark lip!

(Santa Sangre, Exorcism, Vampira)
Santa Sangre -
I bought this shade purely because it has orange undertones and I LOVE a red orange based lip shade. It's described as a poison apple red but I don't see that at all. When I think poison apple, I think of the beautiful red one in Snow White whereas this is a beautiful orange babe. It's popping, sexy and incredibly gorgeous. This looks gorgeous against copper eyes for the perfect Autumnal makeup look.

Exorcism -
This is my favourite one of all. I love really dark, severe lip shades and this ticks all the boxes. If I need my game face on, I wear Exorcism. Described as a deep blackberry, it's more a burgundy with a seductive undertone. I get so many compliments when I wear this shade so that is testament enough for me. It does start to look a bit drab after six hours of wear but with a quick tidy up and re-application it looks good as new again, if you can be bothered that is. This stays in my bag from October to December as it's such a fail safe shade for me.

Vampira -
Described as a black cherry, Vampira is Exorcism's darker sister. I struggle with this the same way I struggle with Nosferatu, I can only get an opaque colour after a few coats but once it's on, it looks incredible if I do say so myself. This also wears like Exorcism, you get six hours of wear before needing a tidy up but I really don't mind. If a lip formula allows me to drink multiple coffees and stuff my face with food without smudging on to my chin, I will proclaim my undying love to them whether I have to re-apply or not. 

What are you favourite shades from Kat Von D Liquid Lips range?



  1. Wow what gorgeous shades! Definitely perfect for autumn! :)


  2. All three of these shades look beautiful!

    xo, Elisabeth

  3. I'm pretty sure (lol you can tell I don't wear it that often) I have exorcism and I bloody love the colour and finish. It's perfect for the winter months! I love the look of Vampira too - right up my street (if I ever get to sit and apply makeup anymore) x x

  4. Nice shades! I love dark red lip shades for autumn/winter so I think I need to purchase these! :)


  5. Perfect! I've been thinking about going out to get a dark liquid lipstick and totally didn't think about KatVonD yet I use her eyeliner every day. Will be heading to the shops tomorrow! Thank you!

  6. These are gorgeous and the thorough reviews are much appreciated! I'm always hesitant with liquid lipsticks because I can find them quite uncomfortable but I'm tempted as I'm such a fan of Kat Von D makeup but am yet to try any of her lip products! xx

  7. I need exorcism and vampira. They are the perfect lip shades. Im a huge fan of dark lips. I definitely need more KVD in my life
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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