Wednesday, 1 November 2017

October in Instagram

Another month, another Instagram update. I've done these for a number of years now. I love having a quick look back on the month and to kinda just say, hey I'm still here! Instagram is painful at the moment, an app I once loved is now incredibly difficult to grow and I'm fast falling out of love with it so, if you're not following, just search alicespake or click the icon on the right. 

  • We started October with pancakes at Mettricks and long walk to try and persuade Baby Spake to get a shift on. Due date was fast approaching and we wanted to meet him.
  • The 4th October, my due date came and went with no sign of baby!
  • This was taken on one of our many evening walks as I went even more overdue and it's one of my favourite photos now that I look back on it. 
  • My beautiful Next maternity dress and my last fashion post for the blog with a bump. 
  • My little munchkin and a munchkin pumpkin, my very last bump photo before my induction. 
  • Baby Spake arrived 17th October at 7.50am and we received so many messages of love on Instagram and it's probably my most liked photo ever. 
  • Going home with my two boys! 
  • Joshua's first milestone photo at a week old with my fabulous letter board from Letter Writes.
  • The bump has gone! It's been a while since I took a FWIS photo where I can see my feet.



  1. Your insta is perfect. Love the feed. *_* Btw "ber" months are my favorite.

    Charming Coco

  2. What a wonderful month you had! I can't believe Joshua's 2 weeks old already.

    I'm definitely feeling the same about Instagram at the moment xx

  3. Wow, what a month! I can't wait for more snaps of the gorgeous Joshua, just spam us, we love it! :)

    Lyndsay xx

  4. EEek! Congratulations again on you’re beautiful baby Joshua! Looks like you had an epic month! Your feed is honestly one of my favourites! WHich reminds me, I need to turn notifications on for you because the algorithm sucks! xx

  5. October flew by! Loved seeing you introduce your little boy to the world in October <3 xo

  6. Love reading these posts but I follow your Instagram all the time anyway. Your Insta pics are amazing! x

  7. Love your feed so much right now <3


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