Sunday, 10 September 2017

Pregnancy Diary 34-36 Weeks

Argh I'm 36 weeks pregnant, that's just four weeks or 28 days to go more or less. Where has my pregnancy gone? Everyone says that the final month drags and I kinda hope it does because I feel like my pregnancy is whizzing away in front of my eyes. I'll blink and he'll be two at this rate. 

The last few weeks have been pretty full on, I've had lunch dates with friends, been for afternoon tea, blogged my heart away, reviewed a new restaurant and organised the final Southampton Bloggers event before my sister takes over. I also had my hair chopped off which felt so good as my already very thick hair was feeling even thicker thanks to all those pregnancy hormones flying around. I'll be welcoming postpartum hair loss, you watch. 

I've more or less been feeling okay. The heartburn comes and goes but it's not bad at all, my lower back aches so baths are my best friend and I've been noticing Braxton Hicks more but I really don't have much to complain about. I'm still sleeping 8+ hours a night which is the best feeling so I think I've been quite lucky although I cannot wait to be able to wear my engagement ring again, my hands and feet are so swollen. I've started on the raspberry leaf tea now too which I absolutely love! 

We are all sorted in the house now, with just a thermometer left to get and the pushchair left to build. We've just bought our baby monitor and have gone for the Babble Band as it's perfect for the size of our home. It still feels so surreal to have all his baby bits around us and I'm half tempted to get the Sleepyhead out for myself and have a snooze. 

Since my mini breakdown over lack of antenatal care, My 36 week midwife appointment was a lot better. I'm back with my original midwife and looks like she's staying with me the next few weeks too! Baby is head down and engaged which means my pelvis feels very full and I need to ease myself up so as not to get a sharp jolt. Birth plan is written now and so far everything I want is a possibility as long as baby plays ball and there are no complications.

Whatever happens, happens, I just can't wait to have him in my arms now. I'm going to be spending the next few weeks relaxing and making the most of my free time, that is unless he makes an early appearance but fingers crossed he stays cooking a little longer. Catch you next time! 



  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!I was reading through this like, omg omg omg! Its so wonderful and scary and lovely and SO CLOSE now! :) xx

  2. Eee so exciting! My last month flew by (and then kept going, late baby!) Make the most of every second until then, and definitely sleep as much as you can! I drank so much raspberry leaf tea, I quite liked the taste though I know most people don't! I loved my pregnancy hair, it's still falling out now though and I hate it :( Dougie was engaged from about 32 weeks, I remember just feeling so full and heavy!
    So excited for you guys!!!!!
    Hels xx

  3. Ahh very exciting!! Enjoy these last few weeks and try and take it easy. Also enjoy those hot cups of tea, it'll be a while before you finish a cup once baby arrives - it's totally worth it tho!! X

  4. Ahhhh this is so exciting!!! It must also feel weird having loads of baby bits and no baby at the moment to use them!! I can't wait for cuddles with Splodge!! xx

  5. Oh how exciting! Sounds like you're all ready to welcome the new arrival. Glad your appointments have gotten better now x

  6. Wow, you sound so ready with all the baby stuff in your home, the babies head is down/engaged and you are still sleeping 8+ hours per night - it all sounds perfect, enjoy every second of the last bit of your pregnancy. It's hard to describe, it felt like it dragged for me, but now I look back it was over in a heartbeat? I'm so excited for you, can't wait for the countdown. I'm literally going to stalk your social media EVERYDAY when baby is near hah! :) xx

  7. How exciting. You sound like you are all prepared. I hope you enjoy the next month.

  8. I am so pleased you are in smooth sailing now until the end! i hated the last 4 weeks and I think i was glad when i went 2 weeks early with all of mine! i cant wait to see the birth announcement!!

  9. I am so so frickin excited for you both !!! I am so glad you're having a more or less easy ride for the last few weeks ! You get plenty of rest & take it easy girl. Can't wait to see your little boy!



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