Sunday, 13 August 2017

Pregnancy Diary - Weeks 30-32

Throughout my pregnancy, I've shared a few of updates on how I've been feeling and what has been going on in my Hello Little OneMy First Trimester and My Second Trimester posts. I'm firmly in my third trimester now and as I want to document the next few weeks in the lead up to Splodge's birth, I thought I'd up the posts a little and just have a chat.

We have just eight weeks to go until our lives change forever and I genuinely feel like I've had the quickest pregnancy ever, we'll see if I still feel the same in those final few weeks. It felt like a huge deal hitting 30 weeks, I suppose a part of me never believed we would get there, a part of me has always been waiting for something to go wrong but as we tick off the days, I'm feeling much more confident and relaxed. It helps that Arran tells me how well I'm doing daily before throwing some chocolate at me to keep me quiet. Pregnancy hormones are horrific, for him. 

We celebrated My Baby Shower at the end of July which my mum and sister organised. I had the best time, the rubber duck theme was absolutely perfect and you can tell that my mum has recently discovered Pinterest, it was just the best day. Plus, I had the best cake ever! We received so many thoughtful gifts, adorable baby clothes and essentials so we felt very spoilt.

I had my 31 week midwife appointment where baby continually kicked the doppler off of my stomach when the midwife was checking his heartbeat but there were no problems or complaints. I think now I can admit that I've had it pretty easy, there's been nothing to worry about since the ectopic scare at the very beginning. My feet have been a bit swollen, I have back ache occasionally and the odd bit of heartburn but I'm still sleeping 8+ hours a night. I'm making the most of every little wink at the moment including my daily naps.

Watermelon is still the apple of my eye, we have them stacked up in the kitchen so I can munch through them when I need one. There could be worst cravings right?! I can also eat bacon again which makes me very happy as it made me feel very sick towards the end of the first trimester much to Arran's disappointment as even the smell bothered me.

The last few weeks have also been spent getting the last of the big bits for our home. The nursing chair is in now, as is our changing table. We just need to go through all the clothes and essentials again to double check everything before I start washing it all. We just have the moses basket, Snuzpod and drawer storage to go and we're set, I think! It's getting real now but very exciting.

I think, that's everything but I'm sure I've forgotten something! I can blame baby brain right?!



  1. I'm absolutely loving following your pregnancy journey - I'm so excited for you and Arran!


  2. You must be so excited to meet your little one now. Lucky you getting a healthy craving, I couldn't stop eating salty and fatty foods when I was pregnant with my youngest.

  3. Aww so exciting, not long to go! I also loved watermelon when I was pregnant! Xx

  4. How exciting! Sounds like you are prepared for the arrival. Enjoy the last bit of pregnancy x

  5. Ahh not long now! Super exciting, I craved fruit when I was pregnant with my girls, the boys I was all about pastry!

  6. Baby brain is real and mine is still with me six months on haha! Eeek how exciting not long to go at all, I'm so excited for you! I too had an ectopic scare, it's awful isn't it! Sending you lots of love and can't wait to see photos of your little one once they're here! 💙

  7. Wow, time is flying by, I can't believe you are 30 weeks+ already! The next bit will fly by.. Well, until you get to about 38 weeks, then every day will seem like a year waiting for the big moment :) I'm so excited for you and so pleased you've had an easy ride too! :)

  8. wow only 8 weeks left! pregancy either goes by so slowly or like a blink of an eye! enjoy your final weeks

  9. I can't wait to meet Splodge!! The time has absolutely flown by!! xx


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