Thursday, 13 July 2017

Nursery Wish List

I am now in my final trimester and things are starting to get real. We still have a number of things to pick up for the baby and nursery so I thought while I was browsing online, I'd throw together a little list of things we have our eye on or already have waiting to be delivered. 

We've decided to stay in our little flat until next year when our tenancy runs out so although we are limited to one bedroom, our bedroom is huge which makes such a difference when fitting a baby in. I've been looking at furniture that'll double up so we don't end up buying lots of things we won't need. 

The very first thing on our to buy list is the Cosatto Easi Peasi Changing Unit. We were going to get a set of drawers and fix a changing mat on top but as the unit has an enclosed bath, lots of storage and a changing area we've been totally swayed! I just want to get some little hooks to stick on the side. The drawers we're getting for Splodge's clothes are the classic Malm Chest of 3 Drawers from Ikea because they're cheap, cheerful and exactly what we'll need until we upgrade next year. 

For little bubs sleeping arrangements we will be using my old moses basket and then we'll have the Snuz Pod in our bedroom until he moves into his own cot. We'll also be buying a Sleepyhead as we've read so many rave reviews plus it fits perfectly within the Snuzpod! 

My little treat will be a rocking chair, I love this grey cushioned one from Mothercare but I'm still undecided at the moment, I feel like I need to go and put my tush in a few and check the comfort before just ordering one online. The last thing for the moment is a play mat for the bedroom, I love the Sea Theme Play Gym because of all the sea animals, so I'm hoping he does too. There are still a few other bits we need to get but this is it for the big stuff, I'll just have to keep checking my list! 

What did you get for your nursery? What essentials did you find you couldn't live without?



  1. We literally had half this list so good choices! Definitely recommend a sleepyhead!!

  2. I want the sleepyhead! Except I don't have a newborn anymore but it's something I've heard so many good things about! defintely on my list for number 3 x

  3. Eeeek so exciting! We have a really similar play gym to the one you have chosen here and buba loves it! I love the look of the Cosatto changing unit! x

  4. I'm in the final trimester also. I feel like I should really be planning but I have done absolutely nothing haha! Lovely picks.

    JaynieShannonx | Lifestyle & Beauty


  5. Love the rocking chair, so beautiful. I couldn't do without a changing table. Totally saved my back.

  6. We had the sea play mat, it's so good - although the musical turtle is rather annoying after a while. How exciting, doing the nursery was one of my favourite things!

  7. I absolutely love the changing unit, I know a lot of people have said they've found theirs so handy- especially at night xo

  8. We had that play mat gym, I can't recommend it enough! Ours is currently tucked away in the attic for next time xo

  9. I regret not getting a changing table, but alot of my baby stuff was brought after she was born, tiny flat means lack of space hah!

  10. would have loved a rocking chair and the Malm is always a classic nice choice,great read as always and can't wait to meet the bundle of joy.We should meet up one day i'm not far from you at all tbh xx♥xx


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