Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Summer Hauling at Homesense

You can always count on Homesense to satisfy your need for homeware shopping. A little over a year ago, a Homesense mega store opened in Southampton and I've been throwing my money at them ever since. They provide me with notebooks I don't need, lanterns and candles my home definitely doesn't need plus all the rest in-between. With Summer hopefully approaching it was time for new pieces...

Homesense have everything you need for al fresco dining thanks to the Homesense Garden Essentials range so I went to see what I could find in my local store. Walking in, I was met with so much colour, I wanted to go home with every cute string light, Flamingo cushion and funky wired chair in sight. I can spend hours in Homesense just wondering around and this particular day was no different. 

By the time I'd reached the third aisle, I had mentally picked out every single piece of garden furniture I wanted and the rest! With a little one on the way, we wanted to pick out some pieces that we could use on days out to the beach or zoo. I'd picked out a picnic basket last year at Homesense and after moving some bits out the way, I found this handy picnic blanket. It completely unfolds to reveal a multi coloured fleece area to sit on, with the reversible side being waterproof. Great for unpredictable British summers. 

I also bought some ice lolly moulds and a dipping plate, perfect for sour cream dip and Doritos! Homesense have deliveries daily so there is always something to discover, just remember to buy it when you see it as it may be gone next time. What are your garden essentials for summer?

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  1. I love homesense! If I had a bigger balcony I'd so buy these colourful garden furniture. In the meantime, a good picnic blanket will do fo summer days. Please let them come soon! Hope everything's going well with the pregnancy x

    1. I hope Summer shows its face soon, I'm so cold haha xx

  2. These looks all so cool! They have some really great products

     Beauty Candy Loves

  3. There's a Homesense opening in Bedford, I'm really excited, My credit score isn't. xx

  4. I'm awful for going overboard in Homesense!! How are you meant to resist??? x

    Abi | abistreetx


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