Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Drinks at The Artisan

There are lots of things I associate with Christmas such as mince pies, the Coca Cola truck, Miracle on 34th Street and the smell of cinnamon but in recent years, speciality Christmas drinks have fast become added to that list. The likes of Starbucks and Costa have been leading the way but more independent coffee houses are coming up with their very own festive treats. One of which is The Artisan in Guildhall Square, Southampton.

The Artisan have three Christmas drinks available, each one expertly made by top baristas who actually care about what they're making and you, the person drinking it. If you're looking for a morning caffeine hit with a sprinkle of Christmas then the Grumpy Yule filter coffee is just for you. Don't let the name put you off, this is a special kinda grumpy. The coffee is roasted just a tad darker for a burst of flavour, making it just like a Christmas pud in a cup from as little as £1.25! You can even add one of their yummy Mince Crowns for an extra 75p.

The next two offerings are for chocolate lovers and by chocolate I mean the good stuff, rich Belgian chocolate swirled to make something really special. The Snowman is all kinds of yum. White Belgian chocolate with a delicious peppermint syrup topped with cream and a little chocolate snowman. Great for adults or kids for just £2.50 and anything with a chocolate snowman gets my vote. 

The next hot chocolate is strictly for adults which makes it all that more tempting. The Bailey's Hot Chocolate is made from real Belgian chocolate then topped with Bailey's, cream and lots of chocolate flakes. For £3.95, it's the perfect winter warmer for when you need to escape from the cold and have something a little exciting.

I'm struggling to decide which one is my favourite but I think the Bailey's Hot Chocolate has just about edged in front! What would you choose?



  1. The Snowman is amazing!! I could drink that everyday and I'm not even a huge fan of hot chocolate. Think I need the Bailey's one next though!!

    Rachel //

    1. Haha I love the Bailey's hot chocolate xx

  2. These sound amazing, love a Christmas drink! Sophie x

    1. Christmas seems to be the perfect excuse to put alcohol in anything aha xx

  3. The Snowman sounds SO good! Great post.

    Ella xx


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