Saturday, 29 October 2016

Give your Day a New Twist

You know those days when you don't have much time but you need a banging outfit, hair and makeup on point and time to grab a coffee? Well I've created the ultimate list to give your day the perfect start with a twist while still getting an extra ten minutes in bed. Sound like you? Then read on...

1. Hit that snooze button.
A Princess needs her beauty sleep and I'm looking at you. Snuggle on down into those duck feather pillows of yours, pull your duvet around you that little bit tighter so you resemble a burrito and shut those eyes. Your skin will thank you for it.

2. Grab the dry shampoo.
What was life before dry shampoo? I wouldn't be without it because I'm the kinda girl that hates washing her hair. My bargain can to reach for is by Batiste and I just turn my hair upside down, spritz over my locks, give my hair a little shake and ta da, I'm ready for the day.

3. Perfect that five minute makeup look.
For those days that I really can't be bothered but need to be looking my best I have a natural looking makeup look that takes all of five minutes to apply. I buff in my favourite foundation, apply some highlighter, fix my brows, give my eyes a quick dusting with one of my favourite Urban Decay palettes and slick on some mascara. It's minimal, classic and it works.

4. That timeless outfit.
I feel like everyone should have that one outfit they can chuck on and it just works. Mine is skinny black jeans, suede boots, a black tshirt and a red mac. It takes a minute to put together and takes you from pyjama wearing monster to sophisticated woman in a heartbeat. Just don't forget those shades, squinting from the sun causes wrinkles I'll have you know.

5. Grab a coffee.
I need my coffee fix daily, it helps me become a functioning human and without it, well lets not go there. I drink iced coffee all year round and the top shelf of my fridge is dedicated to my love of all things caffeine. By this point I usually have a minute to get out the house so my top shelf coffee of choice is the Starbucks Caffè Americano with milk from their Chilled Classics range. You just grab it, pull the straw off, pierce the lid and you're on your way. It gives me the morning boost I need and it tastes pretty good too.

What are your fail safe tips for when you're in a rush?

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  1. i hit the snooze button 3 times every morning! hehe and dry shampoo is my saviour xx

    1. Snooze button is the greatest invention! xx

  2. Love this. I need a caffeine shelf in my fridge!! Ha ha!

    Rachel //


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