Friday, 15 July 2016

The New Man in My Life

If I'm out and about more often than not I'll grab a smoothie or juice on my travels so a few years ago I invested in a juicer and I hated it. It was so noisy, it was a pain to clean and it's been sat in a cupboard for the last two years. Fast forward to the new man in my life which comes in the form of the Panasonic MJ-L500 slow juicer* and is sat proudly in my kitchen. 

Last weekend I held a juicing party with the slow juicer being the main show. After a quick food shop to stock up on all the essentials and with bunting hung we were ready to get to work. The Panasonic Slow Juicer has a motor which reduces to just 45 spins per minute, paired with a low speed motor and special juicing screw with a reinforced stainless steel tip. Commonly known as cold pressing, it's this process but with the easiness of an appliance in your kitchen instead of squashing by hand.  

It's quick, easy to use and the best bit? It's not as loud as my last juicer which means I can make a smoothie before work in the morning without the worry of waking anyone up. Thanks to it being a slow juicer, it squeezes everything out of what you put in it meaning extra nutrients plus less waste or mess! It comes with a measured jug for your juice, a jug for any pulp, a brush to clean and get rid of any pulp and the attachments to making some frozen treats too! The frozen attachment processes frozen food making it even easier to make sorbets, yogurts or a frozen Margarita. The list is endless. 

Set up of the MJ-L500 was quick and thanks to the grips at the base of the juicer it doesn't move during use. It looks super slick in my kitchen and with it being slim it doesn't take up much counter space either. The plug lead is long too so there's not a worry with having to stretch it to a plug socket. As there are so many parts, I was dreading cleaning it but every part came apart with ease, washed really well and assembled back together even easier. My only gripe is that it's pretty heavy to move around so I'm trying to keep it in one location at the moment and not move it in case I drop it. 

If you're in the market for a new juicer then look no further than Panasonic and do not let the 'slow' bit put you off because it is anything but! The next few months I'll be experimenting with new smoothies, juicers and frozen everything recipes and I may share some on here too, if I get a chance to use it again has the other half as fallen in love with the stainless steel machine as much as I have. Available via Amazon with free delivery, you almost have to buy it, think of it as an early Christmas present! 

Do you like juicing at home? What are your favourite recipes?

Press sample.


  1. Ah I would love a juicer. Its the only way I would actually have 5 a day. Xx

    1. It's so fab, been chucking all sorts in there! xx

  2. The only thing about a juicer is that it's a bit harder to clean compared to something like a blender such as the Nutribullet. I would really recommend that as you get all the nutrients in your fruit/veges as well as it being much quicker :)
    Kathy x

    1. This is so simple to clean and all comes apart thankfully! That's the one thing I hate about juicers xx


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