Thursday, 14 July 2016

Summer Time Pampering

When it comes to Summer time I'm all about making sure my body is in tip top condition and no I don't mean by a healthy diet, I mean by making my feet flip flop ready, my body smooth and well nourished with a wax and a really good moisturiser because that's how I feel more confident in the sun. Brodie & Stone have been on my radar since discovering them at the Blogger's Festival organised by Scarlett London last summer and inside our incredible goody bags were some of their favourite products which have firmly become my own the last year. 

The Macadamia Oil Ultra Nourishing range from Natural World has been in my beauty cupboards for some time, I swear by the oil treatment and the Ultra Nourishing Hair Mask has also been a god send as my hair is in dire need of some nourishment. Thanks to its formula, it leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny as well as giving a beautiful soft fragrance that lingers after every swish. The range is infused with macadamia oil and five essential oils giving hair the ultimate treatment. 

Once my hair is in check my next mission is make my skin super smooth by removing the hair I don't want. Smooth Appeal are a collection of products that give effective hair removal as well as leaving your skin smooth and calm thanks to the added Aloe Vera and Tea Tree. Smooth Appeal products are easy to use thanks to the microwave formula, just pop them in the microwave on high for 20 seconds and you're ready to go once allowing the pot to cool for five minutes. To make sure it's 100% ready, test on a small patch on your wrist, if it's a comfortable temperature then you're on your way to super smooth skin. The packs come with waxing strips that you apply after the wax and pull in the direction of hair growth. It's simple, easy to use and the results are fab and a lot cheaper than a salon. 

Lastly it's all about those feet, I know feet gross some people out but I'd rather have mine in perfect condition and do some work with them after hiding them away during the winter months especially as I have my fancy pom pom sandals for them. Newtons Foot Therapy are all about looking after hands and feet. I've been using the Chiropody Sponge which helps with hard skin, corns and calluses alongside the Intensive Foot Cream which deeply refreshes your feet thanks to the ingredients of tea tree, spearmint and cocoa butter. If you like minty fragrances, you'll love the foot cream, it reminds me of After Eights just be sure not to eat it! 

If you're interested in any of the above products then make sure you check out Brodie & Stone, they're lovely and helpful on Twitter too so if you have any questions I'm sure they'd be happy to answer them! Have you used any of the products I've mentioned above? 

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  1. Those chiropody foot sponges are amazing. The only thing that actually works and cheap too!

    1. It's incredible! I was shocked at just how fantastic it is xx

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