Saturday, 23 July 2016

Crystal Clear Cleansing Brush

I started using cleansing brushes a few years ago when I first began Annie Writes Beauty, I was so impressed with the results from my skin that I always have one to hand. I've always kept to traditional cleansing brushes but after discovering Ionic Sonic Cleanse by Crystal Clear, I'm swaying away. Ionic Sonic Cleanse is a cleansing brush with a difference, unlike most on the market, Crystal Clears offering is designed with silicone bristles for a deeper cleanse and exfoliation leaving your complexion smooth, bright and radiant. It's small, compact and works for the face or body. 

The Ionic Sonic Cleansing brush works by combining negative ions and ultra sonic action. Scientific reports confirm that we feel refreshed after being around negative ions found in places such as waterfalls or forests so just think of the benefits that could make to your skin regime? The brush is suitable for everyday use and for all skin types, I use it morning and evening alongside the Crystal Clear Soothing Cleansing Gel which leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh.

Thanks to the silicone bristles the brush feels less abrasive to skin but still delivers a thorough cleanse, almost like a microdermabrasion effect so don't let the soft bristles fool you, they really do work. The brush has three levels, one for body exfoliation and firming, two for normal skin and three for sensitive skin and as you press the button the brush will beep to alert you as to which level you are on.

 I've been using my brush daily for the last eight weeks alongside the products I received in the Ionic Sonic Cleanse pack. My complexion is clearer, my skin softer and more radiant and my brush is still looking as good as new. Inside the pack you'll also find a booklet on all you need to know about the brush, the at home treatments you can do and how to get the most out of the brush for your body. Before using this I would say to anyone to invest in a cleansing brush but even more so after trying this one, especially as you can pick the pack I have up for £69.99 which includes some of their products. My skin has never looked so good. 

Have you tried cleansing brushes before? What do you use?

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  1. oh i want try this brush. Seriously

  2. OOh this sounds good, I am SOOO into skincare atm!

    Sophie x


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