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What Does Cruelty Free Mean?

Today's post is by Vivi from Vivi posts on cruetly free brands so if you're looking to change over your make up or beauty products then she is your girl! I'll leave her social links below. Enjoy the post! 

Animal testing in the cosmetics industry has become a very hot topic in the past few years. More and more people are becoming aware of the issue, and brands have to answer to the increasing demand of ethically produced products. However, for most people there is a lot of confusion surrounding the issue and many don’t know who to trust or what “cruelty free” truly means. 

So let’s break it down - What does the term cruelty free really mean?
It means that: the brand does not test any of its products or ingredients on animals, the company can confirm that none of its suppliers test ingredients on animals, the company does not pay others to test on animals, and finally, the part where a lot of companies fail – it does not sell in China.

What do I have against China? Don’t they deserve beauty products like everyone else?
Well, China has mandatory animal testing laws on cosmetics. They still believe it is the only way to make sure a cosmetic product isn't toxic (not true!). So any company entering the Chinese market isn't testing itself because technically the government is the one testing, but they know what’s involved in the approval process. So when a company tells you “we do not test unless required by law” this is what they mean.

One final clarification I have to talk about, just so you get the whole view, is the parent company dilemma. This one is a toughie. Why? Because giant companies buy smaller ones all the time in business, but what happens when a company like L’Oreal (sells in China) buys out one like NYX (certified cruelty free)? Opinions are mixed: one half says that buying NYX will ultimately move money into L’Oreal so for them NYX are no bueno. The other half believe that continuing to support a company that remained cruelty free despite being bought out is okay because they remained true to message. 

This is a decision you will ultimately have to make for yourself, but know there is no wrong decision. Now, it might seem like you’re not left with a lot of choices after all those restrictions, but that’s not true! Let’s look at a quick run down of my favourite brands and you’ll see you can have everything you want:

High end:
Too Faced – [eye heart emoji x 3]
The Balm
Becca Cosmetics
Tata Harper 
Urban Decay* 
Bare Minerals* 
Kat von D* 

Barry M
Wet n Wild 
Physician’s Formula 

Mid range:
Lily Lolo
The Body Shop
Jeffree Star Cosmetics – I WILL own at least one liquid lipstick one day! 
Trust Fund Beauty – are you following them on Instagram? Follow them on Instagram

* Denotes a cruelty free brand with a parent company that tests

These are really just a handful of brands and some are my favourites, but I hope this made you feel better about the world of options for cruelty free product seekers. If you would like full, long, amazing lists go to Leaping Bunny or Logical Harmony. 

What do you think? Could you go cruelty free?


  1. This was a really good post. I'm trying to go more into cruelty free beauty because I'm slowly cutting out animal products in my life and animal testing is just to me, unessecarily cruel when it comes to cosmetics. I did struggle slightly because of the parent company and whilst I love some cruelty free brands I don't want to pump money into the hands of people who test on animals! But, this was really helpful!!
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

    1. Ultimately it's a personal decision :)
      It might get trickier with parent companies but it gets easier with time.
      I'm so glad to hear you're transitioning!

  2. lovely. like this post! x

    jess x |

  3. This was a really interesting post, I have been switching more and more to cruelty free products as I really don't see the need for animal testing in this day and age. I also use B. Cosmetics from Superdrug as that also has the leaping bunny logo.

    Not quite sure where I stand on the parent companies buying CF companies as I've not used any of those products but I can see both ways of people thinking.

    The Life of Dee

    1. Superdrug are actually very popular as a cruelty free brand im the UK and following the leaping bunny is always helpful!
      If in doubt always look at their list or the logical harmony one.

      Go slowly, change one thing at a time and you'll find it easier!

  4. The nail polish shades are so pretty I like the mint one

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. The brand is called Trust Fund Beauty and they are so good!

  5. I really want to use more cruelty free brands but have always felt like I don't know enough information- but this has helped a lot, thank you!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

    1. It can be really confusing at first but there are so many good resources.
      Cruelty free kitty has made a list of 100 cruelty free bloggers so that could work for you as well :)


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