Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Simplicitea // We Are Tea

Way before the days of my coffee addiction I was a big tea drinker and I still enjoy the odd cup every now and then. I'm more of a loose tea kinda girl rather than your average PG Tips and the one thing I use to detest was all the leaves swirling around in my cup. It took more time trying not to swallow them than actually drinking the tea. So when Simplicitea rocked up on my doorstep from the guys over at We Are Tea, the Earl Grey fan in me did a little squeal. Simplicitea* is basically a cafetiere for tea leaves and it is the easiest, most convenient little pot of goodness. 

I've been using the Black Ceylon tea with vanilla, I just add in the tea leaves, pour in boiling hot water and let the tea leaves dance in front of me; With handy measure levels on the side you can make the perfect pot for one or share a couple of cups with a friend. You get perfectly brewed tea in just 90 seconds meaning I can do a quick manicure or nail polish touch up while I'm waiting. To decant the tea, just place the pot on top of your cup of choice and the tea will release minus the leaves. It's also really easy to clean which is always a plus in my eyes. 

We Are Tea stock this little gadget as well as huge variety of teas to enjoy. What would you pick?

*PR Sample.


  1. Ooh this looks really cool! I'm a huge fan of tea, so I can see myself using this every morning :)


    1. It makes loose tea so much more enjoyable xx


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