Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What's In My Bag?

Sometimes with blogging I like to go back to basics with an old type of post that just about everyone has done so today I give you a recent, What's in my bag? featuring my trusty leather baby from Topshop. This bag just gets better with age as it's quite sturdy and shaped well so it also holds all my worldly possessions and then some.  

Michael Kors Saffiano Wallet -
I've had my black wallet from Michael Kors for a year now and haven't used anything else. It has a compartment for coins, a space for multiple cards plus three extra compartments and a detachable wrist strap with a simple logo on the front. I don't like too much faff with my purses and this does the job. A year down the line, it's still in as good condition as it was brand new.

Sunglasses and Topshop Pouch - 
The sunglasses I always keep in my bag are from Primark. I bought them last year but I think they've been re-released this year too. My rabbit sunglasses pouch is from Topshop which was gifted in a Sotonbloggers goody bag. 

Keys, Headphones & Pen - 
The essentials, need I say more?

Benefit Cosmetics PoreFessional Agent Zero Shine - 
I wasn't sure on this at first but I'd be so lost without it now. It's so handy to just whip out and do a quick touch up. I only occasionally carry make up with me but this never leaves my side.

Urban Decay Sheer Liar - 
As I've come to the end of Urban Decay Naked, I've moved onto Sheer Liar which is pretty similar but just a tad softer in shade. It's my everyday nude. 

Arrow Boost Balm by Birchbox - 
If I'm not in a lipstick mood then I will sometimes reach for the Boost Balm by Birchbox's in house skincare brand, Arrow as it contains something that enhances your natural lip pigments, all the pretty without the hassle of touch ups.

Dr.PawPaw Balm - 
This is my favourite multi use product. You can use this on lips, nails, hands, hair, the list is endless and I wouldn't part ways with it... Ever. 

Antibacterial Gel, Body Spray, Tissues - 
Ya gotta keep clean right?!

Birchbox Hair Teezer & Hairband -
My favourite tools to keep my hair looking luscious all day long. 

And I think that's it... I very rarely change what I carry in my bag. There's occasionally a receipt or something floating around but I'm pretty good with clearing my bag out. What essentials do you keep in your bag? 



  1. I love posts like this...I always like to have a little nosey into other peoples lives and often find good ideas or products that way. I always have a hair tie and bobby pins because it's inevitable that I will throw my hair up at some point during the day. Loved this! XO -Kim

    1. Thank you! I love these posts too, I'm so nosey and love seeing what other people have in their bags xx


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