Friday, 29 April 2016

Forever Repurchased

As a beauty blogger I try and use a lot of different products but there are always some that I will go back to. I have a few products I wouldn't be without including skincare and bath products but today's post is about five beauty products and one fragrance that stay firmly in my heart and have done for a number of years. Each product I've repurchased a number of times because in my eyes, they're staples in my routine and for someone like me who buys so many beauty products, I think that says a lot.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Pizza & Cider Makes for the Perfect Pair

If there is one thing that puts a smile on my face it's pizza and since The Stable opened in Southampton's Guildhall Square last November I've been meaning to go and try what they had on offer. Pizza, pies and cider is how The Stable* are bringing a little slice of Dorset to Southampton so Arran and I went in for food and drinks one Friday evening after work and grew some remarkable food babies in the process.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Period Necessities with Veeda

I'm not going to shout about how fabulous periods are because lets face it, sometimes they're really horrible, instead I am going to show you what gets me through my own. I know staying active and exercise is meant to be great for helping with cramps and whatever else but I personally like to wrap myself up in my duvet and gorge on chocolate for a few days, it works for me. 

I'm an emotional mess when my period comes knocking, I turn into a dragon lady and switch between anger to uncontrollable tears so I need as many chick flicks, magazines and crap food I can take. Cadburys will always be my number one, it's there for me whenever I'm sad and chocolate is life. Pair a giant bar of Cadburys with Legally Blonde on Netflix, my fluffy hot water bottle and a pile of women's magazines and I'm set for the weekend. 

I've just switched over from the main sanitary wear brands to Veeda*, a 100% natural cotton, eco-friendly and affordable feminine care company run by two Australian men who saw a gap in the market. I find that Always and Tampax just focus on pleasing packaging and ad campaigns more so than the actual product so it was time to switch and Veeda landed on my doorstep at the right time. After snooping them out in Boots and seeing how affordable their products were, I stocked up on pads and tampons, all of which are fragrance free, bio-degradable, Hypo-allergenic with no chemicals, synthetics or dyes plus they're super comfy to wear, which makes all the difference to me. Comfort is a must for me while I'm moving around in bed crying and watching a sad film. 

The reviews on Veeda's website say it all, they're one of the best loved brands for natural feminine care and I'm a total convert. Why shouldn't we all have safe, affordable feminine care for that time of the month?

Have you used Veeda? What are your thoughts on natural feminine care?

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What's In My Bag?

Sometimes with blogging I like to go back to basics with an old type of post that just about everyone has done so today I give you a recent, What's in my bag? featuring my trusty leather baby from Topshop. This bag just gets better with age as it's quite sturdy and shaped well so it also holds all my worldly possessions and then some.  

Michael Kors Saffiano Wallet -
I've had my black wallet from Michael Kors for a year now and haven't used anything else. It has a compartment for coins, a space for multiple cards plus three extra compartments and a detachable wrist strap with a simple logo on the front. I don't like too much faff with my purses and this does the job. A year down the line, it's still in as good condition as it was brand new.

Sunglasses and Topshop Pouch - 
The sunglasses I always keep in my bag are from Primark. I bought them last year but I think they've been re-released this year too. My rabbit sunglasses pouch is from Topshop which was gifted in a Sotonbloggers goody bag. 

Keys, Headphones & Pen - 
The essentials, need I say more?

Benefit Cosmetics PoreFessional Agent Zero Shine - 
I wasn't sure on this at first but I'd be so lost without it now. It's so handy to just whip out and do a quick touch up. I only occasionally carry make up with me but this never leaves my side.

Urban Decay Sheer Liar - 
As I've come to the end of Urban Decay Naked, I've moved onto Sheer Liar which is pretty similar but just a tad softer in shade. It's my everyday nude. 

Arrow Boost Balm by Birchbox - 
If I'm not in a lipstick mood then I will sometimes reach for the Boost Balm by Birchbox's in house skincare brand, Arrow as it contains something that enhances your natural lip pigments, all the pretty without the hassle of touch ups.

Dr.PawPaw Balm - 
This is my favourite multi use product. You can use this on lips, nails, hands, hair, the list is endless and I wouldn't part ways with it... Ever. 

Antibacterial Gel, Body Spray, Tissues - 
Ya gotta keep clean right?!

Birchbox Hair Teezer & Hairband -
My favourite tools to keep my hair looking luscious all day long. 

And I think that's it... I very rarely change what I carry in my bag. There's occasionally a receipt or something floating around but I'm pretty good with clearing my bag out. What essentials do you keep in your bag? 


Monday, 25 April 2016

Benefit Cosmetics Posietint

If there is one beauty product that screams Spring to me it's Posietint by Benefit Cosmetics which I received in my Benefriends Starbucks box in February. It's pretty, pink and leaves a flirty pop of colour on the skin and it's one I've really been enjoying using the last few weeks. I used Benetint back in the day and wasn't always a fan as I found the thin consistency hard to work with but Posietint has a slightly thicker formula which makes blending much easier for me. 

Coming in the cutest of packaging as always, Posietint sits pretty on my dresser. Lip and cheek stains are one of those products I either love or hate and the sheer pink shade of this multi-use product has propelled itself into my most used items in April. I use the tiniest amount on my cheeks as I find the colour deepens after ten minutes or so and the clown look isn't for me but what it lacks in subtly it makes up for in wear time because my cheeks are still pinky perfect by the end of the day. I've used the stain on my lips the most as applied with a light balm on top gives a beautiful pink hue. I apply a light layer allowing it to dry before applying a second if I want a darker colour pay off and the best bit is my lips don't feel drying while wearing it.

I think Posietint is going to be such a staple for me going forward especially in the warmer months when I want some colour that isn't going to fall off my face in the heat, paired with my beloved Highbeam, I think I'll be set. 

Have you used Posietint before? What are your favourite makeup stains to use?


Friday, 22 April 2016

Birchbox + Rifle Paper Co.

I had so much hope for the beautifully designed April Birchbox* but the contents well and truly let me down. This month, Birchbox teamed up with Rifle Paper Co, an American stationary and lifestyle brand. There were two box designs to choose from. Herb Garden which is what I have and Jardin de Paris which is a pretty floral box. Each box contains an exclusive 25% discount code valid across all products and shipping and there's a Birchbox Plus offer where subscribers can upgrade their boxes to include a pocket notebook duo for just £4. 

Just one out of five products excited me and that was Benefit Cosmetics latest beauty drop, Dew The Hoola. I love that Benefit have so many of their products available in sample size, I've been able to try a variety of products I wouldn't usually try thanks to Benefit and Birchbox regularly teaming up and I'm really liking Dew The Hoola for an easy contour and flush of bronze. There were another three brands that regularly appear in Birchbox, I've received the Parlor Detangling Spray and Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner a couple of times now although the Balance Me Wondereye Cream is a new product to try, it's not one I was overly excited about. 

 The only new brand to me this month was Kueshi, a Foot Care Cream, feet products don't wow me either but it may come in handy the weeks leading up to my holiday. I do love Birchbox the majority of the time and with subscription boxes you're always going to find products you're not going to love, it's just one of those months. The good with Birchbox definitely outweighs the bad and at least I'll have baby soft feet and bronzed cheeks. 

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you think of this month's box?

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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Schwarzkopf Got2b Made 4 Mess

If there is one brand you can rely on to make sure your hair is always looking awesome it's Schwarzkopf. I have been using their products for many years and they've always been the first brand to release exciting new products to help make our locks look even better. Schwarzkopf's Got2b range has something to suit everyone, be it beachy waves, textured hair or so much volume you can't walk through a door without crouching. 

The Got2b Playful Styling Primer* is the ultimate hair prep. You can use on damp or dry hair, just use two - six pumps depending on hair length and ease through hair. The primer gives the perfect grip for wearing your hair in braids, twists, buns or curls and as with all of their products, it smells pretty incredible too. 

The new Got2b Made 4 Mess range contains three products for perfectly undone hair. There is a Sculpting Spritz*, Texturizing Putty* and Texturizing Hairspray* with each product making messy, casual 'done' hair so much easier. We all know bedhead hair isn't quite jumping out of bed, usually there's a bit more effort that needs to go into it and the Made 4 Mess range does just that while still keeping the time it takes to a minimum. Each product retails at under £5.00 so you get great hair at a bargain price. My personal favourite is the Sculpting Spritz and Texturizing Hairspray, I love my hair to look like I haven't done much but with texture and volume so those two products have been my secret weapon in recent weeks. The results are long lasting and they don't make my hair feel tacky either! 

Have you tried anything from Schwarzkopf's Got2b range? What's your favourite product for textured hair?

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

April Mega Melt Box

My April Mega Melt* Subscription box arrived last week, full of nine delicious new scents to try at home. This month, I'm burning Hot Summers Night as I write this, described as a classic manly cologne scent, it's fresh and probably one of my favourites. I need to buy it in the twin wick candle too. As I've said previously, I love the easiness of these boxes as you get to try so many different scents without spending a fortune. 

Each box costs £11 a month and the initial subscription period runs for three months where you then get the chance to cancel or continue. There's a selection of 55 candle melts available so you would get to try a fair few of them during your three month subscription. I now have a collection to rival any candle lover and most evenings I have a smellathon to see what to try next. Indian Sandlewood and Cotton & Blossoms are both fresh and gorgeous smelling whereas Pink Candyfloss and Red Velvet are for the sweet scented lovers out there, there really is something for everyone. 

As well as the Mega Melt Boxes, you can also buy the melts on their own for just £2 (they're double the size of Yankee Candle) and in twin wick candles. 

Have you subscribed to Candle Belle yet? I'd love to know what you think. 

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Juicing with Boost Juice Bars & West Quay

Juicing and smoothie making has become the latest health food craze in recent years and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. I attended an event with Boost Juice and West Quay last week to find out more about the brand, the health benefits and we had the chance to make our own.

Monday, 18 April 2016

MAC Cosmetics Soft & Gentle

Highlighters are fast becoming my favourite makeup product and one I've had on the wishlist for what seems like forever is MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. It's a luxurious baked powder containing their 77-mineral complex and vitamin e, giving the most beautiful glow to the skin. Soft & Gentle is a gilded peach bronze that can be added anywhere on the face to give a flush of glowing radiance. More Champagne pop than bronzed goddess, it's the perfect companion for any highlight lover.

I use Soft & Gentle along my cheekbones and brow bones to give an instant lift to my face. It looks incredibly glittery in the pan but I only find that an issue if I'm wearing a heavy foundation, if I'm wearing something light the finish of this highlight is more dewy than glittery. I use my Spectrum Flawless Finish brush to sweep across my face as it picks up just enough product as the baked powder is velvety soft. The wear time of the Mineralize Skinfinish products are  incredible, I've owned Stereo Rose for a couple of years now and it's a product you can count on for hours of wear which is good news considering they aren't exactly cheap. MAC Cosmetics seem to constantly be hiking their prices as Soft & Gentle now comes in at £24 for 10g product. 

Despite the price I still feel like it's one product every avid beauty lover should try and welcome into their beauty stash. It's such a gorgeous shade and the quality is outstanding as always.

Do you own Soft & Gentle? What are your thoughts on it?


Sunday, 17 April 2016

What's in my Lush stash

I spend a large amount of my time in my local Lush Cosmetics in Southampton so my stash of products build pretty steadily. This wicker basket from Primark holds just my bath bombs, bubble bars and melts, I have separate storage for all my massage bars and soaps which may end up being another post some time soon. I will occasionally try and keep hold of my seasonal products for a little while afterwards which is why I still have a Peeping Santa, Sparkly Pumpkin and Five Gold Rings. 

Tweet, Down the Rabbit Hole and Cyanide Pill are exclusives from Lush Oxford Street and whenever any of my friends go to the London store, they always come back with a Cyanide Pill for me along with some other bits to try. Ickle Baby Bot and The Comforter are products I always make sure I have at home, Ickle Baby Bot is perfect after a tough day when you want a relaxing bath and The Comforter is my favourite for a long pamper as it makes the bubbles so silky. Tisty Tosty and Big Bang are two new products for me that I'm yet to try although Big Bang does smell incredible so I'm sure it won't be long. 

All the tiny colourful products are bath melts, full of body loving oils to keep your skin super soft and leave your bath incredibly messy. They do make for a nice treat but I don't use them that much as they leave the bath so oily afterwards. You've been Mangoed is definitely the favourite though. 

What is in your Lush Cosmetics Stash? What wouldn't you be without?  


Friday, 15 April 2016

Topshop Everything Stick

I've used Topshop nail polish since their beauty range was released but I haven't tried any of their make up, not very beauty blogger of me I know. They've recently released the Everything Stick as part of their Spring Beauty Collection and I've added the Everything Stick in Naive* to my beauty stash. I love a multi-use product, anything that gives me an extra ten minutes in bed becomes a winner in my eyes but having tried my fair share of multi-use products over the years, they're not all as fabulous as they make out. Thankfully the Everything Stick nails it and for £10, I'll be stocking up on some more shades. 

Naive is a rose pink shade, a long wearing product for lips, cheeks and eyes. The formula is incredibly creamy which makes blending onto cheeks and eyes so easy. As the shade is quite pink I'm not a huge fan of what it looks like on my eyes but I do love the rosy glow it gives to my cheeks and lips. Each of the bullet sticks have light diffusing, blurring properties and Naive leaves my skin smooth unlike some I've used in the past that have dried my skin. This handy stick will be the first item I'll be throwing in my holiday make up bag this year alongside Charlatan when I get my mitts on it. 

Have you tried the Everything Sticks? What else would you recommend from Topshop Beauty?

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Jolie Candle with discount code

Jewellery hidden inside candles have been extremely popular the last few years but the majority on the market were bulky and not overly nice to look at so I'd always avoided them until I discovered My Jolie Candle. Founded by Samuel and Victor, My Jolie Candle originates from France with their vision being to create inexpensive, exciting gifts for women. Each candle has a burn time of 35 hours and come in an array of beautiful scents, mine was Orange Blossom* and I loved the uplifting scent it delivered in my home. 

My candle was delivered in a cute packaged box with a keyring of the Eiffel Tower, some macaroons and a drawstring pouch of mini nail files. It's incredibly girlie and would make such a gorgeous gift for someone. You can choose which scent and type of jewellery you receive and the online shop shows you through each step so you're 100% happy with your purchase. There is even the option of ordering their Surprise Box which is full of treats from My Jolie Candle. 

The candles retail between £19-£30 depending on the type of jewellery you opt for. Hidden inside each candle is a piece of silver jewellery with Swarovski elements, protected by resistant foil so your chosen jewels don't become damaged while burning. In some candles you may even find gold jewellery with real diamonds worth up to £5,000. I found a dainty pink ring inside my candle, which looks beautiful when the light catches it. I really loved My Jolie Candle, I'm dying to try the Monoi scented candle next. 

If you use the code ALICE10 on then you can get 10% off your candle purchase on their website. 

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Beauty Lift by DHC Skincare

Beauty Lift is the latest collection from Japanese skincare experts DHC, specifically aimed for smoothing and lifting skin, it's perfect if you're approaching an age where a little lifting is welcome. There are four products in the range, all of which launched the beginning of March. The packaging itself is eye catching enough and makes a pretty addition to my dresser. I'm a complete newbie to DHC skincare so I had to do some serious googling to find out some more about the range as there is such a lack of information on the products which put me off a little. Despite this issue I felt this was the perfect range for me to start with, my mid twenties skin could do with a lift. 

Beauty Lift contains oat kernel extract and peptides and it's thanks to this formula that each of the products help minimise fine lines and wrinkles while moisturising and nourishing skin. During DHC's clinical study, 100% experienced smoother skin in just seven days and because of that study I wanted to use the set myself for seven days and see what results I had before sharing on here. I've been using the Beauty Lift Lotion* followed by the Beauty Lift Essence* which is a serum and then the Beauty Lift Milk* a pump action moisturiser. I've then been using the Beauty Lift Cream* at night. 

There's no scent to any of the products which I prefer for my skincare and each soak into skin really well so you're not left with a sticky residue. After my first seven days of use I can notice a difference in the smoothness of my skin but I'm not noticing any lifting yet but usually I wouldn't expect to see that until at least four - six weeks down the line. Initial thoughts on the Beauty Lift Collection is good, I'm interested to see what results I get in seven weeks time so this is one range I may have to come back to on here. 

Have you used DHC Skincare before? What have you been trying?

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

On the nails // Topshop Denim Nails

I've been using Topshop nail polish since they first launched their beauty range and I've been a fan from the start. The range of shades and finishes available are pretty varied and from a starting price of £5, they're not going to break the bank either. The end of March saw Topshop release their latest collection, Denim nails. Featuring six shades each inspired by a pair of their legendary jeans. We all have our favourite style of Topshop jeans and now we can pair them with the nail shade too. 

I've been wearing the shade Leigh*, a powder blue as chic as its skinny twin. It's the perfect powder blue for edging into Spring and the longevity is incredible. I'm writing this post with Leigh on my nails after a weeks wear with no smudges, chips or flakes plus I haven't used a base or top coat. That is the reason I always go back to Topshop polish as it's just so good. Each of the Denim nail polishes are priced at £6 so make sure you pick up at least one. With Leigh, Jamie, Hayden, Mom, Lucas and Joni in the collection, there's something for everyone. 

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Monday, 11 April 2016

What's in my Sister's makeup bag

Easter weekend was spent with my family eating eggs and roast lamb, while we were waiting for our Sunday dinner I went through my sister's make up bag to see what products she was reaching for daily. I found some products I loved, mostly one's I hadn't even tried and some brands I wouldn't be without. Emily's base is Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, one I've been meaning to try for months. After applying the Magic foundation Emily uses the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which is also my favourite concealer, both products are then fixed with the Pixi Flawless Finishing Powder, a product I haven't tried as I rarely use powder. 

Emily has always used a bronzer to add a glow to her skin and at the moment she's using the Collection Mosaic Bronze Glow. It's a beautiful pan of bronze shades for a bargain £2.99, something I'll be buying for myself as I've always loved Collection. Highlight is trusty old Makeup Revolution with Hot Mama by The Balm used as a blush. Emily has quite a few products by Pixi Beauty including the Mesmerising Mineral Eye palette in Mineral Contour, I had a little play around and they're so soft and blendable. May have to treat myself to these aswell. Her eyeliner at the moment is the Eyeko Fat Liner for the perfect feline flick paired with Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash, another firm favourite of mine. To keep everything in place, Emily has been using the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix spray, I've read some great things about the spray so it's another item added to my list to buy. 

Do you use anything I found in my sister's make up bag? There's a few pieces I'll definitely be trying out! 

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