Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Springtime Scents

There’s something about the transition from Winter to Spring that I find really exciting in terms of beauty. As we bid goodbye to those deep berry lipsticks, I like to take the opportunity to switch up my perfume wardrobe too. Perfume has always been something of an obsession for me, and I love the opportunity to try different scents. Today, I’m sharing my three favourite springtime perfumes – I hope you enjoy!

One of my all-time favourite perfumes is Ralph Lauren Romance. It was one of those fragrances that I went and had a sniff of every time I popped into Boots or John Lewis, and last year for my 21st birthday I was lucky enough to get a gift set (yay for January birthdays)! Now, by no means am I saying that I only wear this at certain times of the year, but there’s something about the perfume that screams spring to me. With floral and fruity notes, including Guava and Lotus Flower, and a base of Soft Musk (a favourite of mine), this is a really fresh perfume, perfect for spring days. It’s quite pricey, at £42 for 30ml, but I love it!

Now I’ve always had a bit of a thing for celebrity fragrances. They’re fun and often a little more affordable than the designer prices. A recent addition to my perfume collection is Cheryl’s Storm Flower. I’ve always loved Cheryl, and I’d had my eye on her perfume since it released back in 2014. I’d never really needed it, as I’ve got numerous perfumes on the go, but on a recent trip to Debenhams I saw they had a rollerball of it. Well this I just couldn’t resist. Small and convenient to take on the go with me, and a gorgeous scent – win win! This again is a combination of fruity and floral scents with a musky base (are you spotting the theme yet?). Unfortunately the rollerball is no longer available but the perfume is still available from £27 at Debenhams.

My final recommendation is the newest addition to my collection. My best friend recommended Zara for budget fragrance, and as I was looking for something reasonably priced to take to work and keep in my locker I thought I’d investigate. I was pleasantly surprised with their variety, but I was drawn to the Fruity Eau de Toilette. As the name suggests, this is a fruity scent, described as smelling of Grapefruit, Rose, Tangerine and Vanilla. What better combination for a spring/summer scent? I can already see this getting a lot of wear, both in and out of work. And for £7.99 for 100ml, it’s a bargain!

What perfumes do you like to wear in the springtime? Any that I should try out?

Lexie xo

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  1. The Zara one sounds lovely and is so cheap! xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  2. I love Zara scents, they're so affordable and smell divine!

    Sophie x

    1. I've never tried Zara for perfume either, will definitely taking up Lexie's advice xx

  3. I love Daisy Eau So Fresh for spring, the best part is I always seem to bag a box set at a rock bottom price in the sales so I'm well stocked up and prepared! I'm also loving the sound of the Zara perfume, I didn't even know they did any so I'm definitely popping into my nearest one to grab one! xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

    1. That's what I usually wear for Spring too :) I'm heading straight to Zara to try out their scents after Lexie's recs xx


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