Tuesday, 15 March 2016

March Mega Melt Box

I had the March Mega Melt* subscription box from Candle Belle arrive a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't wait to see what was inside this month's as I loved Februarys. I have Chocolate Brownie burning while I'm writing this and it's making me so hungry. The March box contains nine candle melts in scents to suit everyone. I'm a vanilla girl through and through, I rarely buy my scented candles in any other scent so these boxes have been such a fun way to really experiment and I've surprised myself! 

After being gifted a melt burner at Christmas, I haven't used much else. Candle melts are such a quick and easy way to scent the whole house while giving you a warm, cosy vibe. The subscription boxes retail at £11 including postage and the period runs for three months, you then have the choice to continue after those three months have ended. With a selection of 55 candle melts in total, you'll be sure to find some new faves. I'm really loving Granny Smith, Black Cherry Bomb and Blue Hydrangea from this month's box. 

Candle Belle also sell twin wick candles and all the melts individually and if you use the code ALICE20, you get 20% off your order. Happy shopping! 

*PR Sample.


  1. These look so amazing ! I love all the variety that there is!

    1. Me too, I'm usually so boring with my scents but this is making me discover ones I wouldn't think of xx

  2. Coconut Banana sounds deliciou, as does Almond Bakewell! I love the idea of this box as if you aren't keen on a scent you haven't committed to a big jar. I might have to treat myself to this soon.


    1. It smells so good too! My Grandmother nabbed Almond Bakewell though xx


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