Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Candle Belle Haul & Discount Code

(All candles in photos were gifted for this post)

Candles have always been my thing, from tealights to hunking great jar candles, I always seem to come home with something. I usually bulk buy in Next home or pick up melts when Yankee Candle have big sales, that's until I came across Candle Belle, an online candle shop which have a huge variety of fragrances in Mega Melt or Twin Wick Candle form. Plus it means I can now shop for my addiction from the comfort of my sofa. 

I recently placed an order with Candle Belle and chose nine of the Mega Melts and three of the Twin Wick Candles. My box of fab smelling goodness arrived last week and it took everything not to start burning and melting things before I had a chance to take a photo. Blogger problems. Each of the candles and melts are made from natural soy wax, highly fragranced oil and dye. The design of the candles are simple but sophisticated and will looking gorgeous in any home. I've started burning my Twin Wick Clean Cotton Sheets candle the last few days and it just makes my home smell so clean and homely. Each candle has a burn time of 50-70 hours and I love how there is just one size. It shows a company cares about the product, I sometimes find if there are lots of choices and fuss, companies seem to forget about the quality of the product and Candle Belle have stuck to their guns and created something that's pretty fabulous. 

The Mega Melts are what I'm most excited about. Each melt is £2 or you can buy a bundle of nine for £12.50. There are so many fragrances available that you would be hard pushed to find something you don't like. The Mega Melts are also twice the size of standard melts so you get so much more for your money. My favourites are Lemongrass, Vanilla Chai and Balmy Beaches. Each melt is a huge 50g and have a burn time of 16-19 hours on a tealight burner. I really want to try some others so I'll be making another order next month for sure. 

If you're also a little addicted to buying candles then you can get 20% off your Candle Belle order when you use the discount code ALICE20. Let me know if you pick anything up as I'd love to know what you've chosen.

Gifted PR Items.


  1. Ooh these look and sound really good, I love the packaging! I'm a sucker for a good candle x

    1. Me too, these are incredible. Definitely making another order xx

  2. ALL THE CANDLES. If it's something I love in life, it's bloody candles. What was your fave scent?
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

    1. I am loving Clean Cotton Sheets atm! And the Indian Sandalwood xx

  3. These candles look so pretty!



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