Monday, 4 January 2016

Birthday Party Decoration Haul

Everyone loves a party right? I recently celebrated turning 26 (boo) but it did give me the chance to buy lots of decoration pieces and get a little merry! After the fabulous guys over at Hello Party whipped up some personalised banners for me I then headed to the ultimate party place, Pretty Little Party Shop to buy all the essentials such as cups, balloons and a honeycomb pineapple of course. 

Armed with my discount code I spent hours browsing Pretty Little Party Shop and I mean hours, I went through every section then went through every section by colour and then repeated myself just incase I missed some bunting or crepe garlands. I went with a yellow and orange theme to go with my birthday banners from Hello Party, soon my online basket was brimming with pretties. Delivery was quick and easy, arriving a few days later. I would 100% recommend them as there is so much to choose from and their customer service was fab. 

The main show for my shindig were my personalised banners* and posters*, I even had one with my face on because if you can't put up posters of your face on your birthday when can you? Hello Party offer the personalised service on their website, you can pick the themes by age, gender or occasion which makes it so much easier to choose what you want. You then import your image if you want one, put in the text you want and decide how you want your poster, banner or bunting to look. If you're ever stuck there's a handy video to help. Again, the service was incredible, the quality amazing and the delivery really quick and well packaged. 

These guys would be perfect if you're planning a big birthday party, baby shower or wedding. I cannot recommend them enough. 

*Some products are pr samples.


  1. Happy belated birthday and these look so cute! I love the whole bright and happy colour theme <3 I host parties at my flat sometimes for my family and friends so I will make sure to check these party shops out :) xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

    1. Thank you! Both party websites have SO much to choose from, I can feel it becoming a new addiction! haha xx

  2. Happy Birthday (Bit late I know! haha!) but these are all so cute, I love how you can personalise it! Hope you had a lovely party! Xx

    1. N'aww thanks sweet. Me too, and you can keep them for future as well which I love! Can't beat a recycled birthday poster ;) xx

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  4. I think I'd feel a bit self conscious if I threw a party just for me but seeing as my boyfriend's birthday happens to be the day before mine I'm all for throwing one this year!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  5. Happy belated birthday! So so cute, I love the idea of personalised party decorations! My birthday is a while off yet but I'll definitely be keeping this post in mind for when it comes around!

    Sophie x

    1. Thank you so much :) Lemme know if you pick anything up, there is so much to choose from xx

  6. I looks simple amazing!:) I love to organize such themical parties!:)
    Last time I helped my sister with her hen party!:)
    Have lot's inspiration!:)
    Customised Hen Night Badges


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