Thursday, 5 November 2015

Mavadry by Mavala

I posted a tweet a few weeks ago after I'd painted my nails saying "I'll be near on useless for the next ten minutes" when another blogger recommended Mavala Mavadry. I'd heard of the brand but had never heard of Mavadry and if I'd seen it in the shop I probably would've passed on it based on packaging alone. The guys over at Mavala contacted me on Twitter after seeing the tweets and sent through Mavadry for me to try so that next time I painted my nails, I wasn't sat there for ten minutes feeling rather useless. 

Mavadry* is a fast drying nail polish that dries in seconds leaving a crystal sheen on your nails and it really does do just that. After painting my nails a dusty brown colour I waited a few seconds (it does say wait a minute or so but I'm impatient) before I painted my nails with the Marvala top coat. The brush applies quite wide which makes using this really easy. It also doesn't disturb the colour of nail polish you've already applied. Marvala Mavadry did exactly what it says on the bottle and dried almost instantly while easily extending my nail colour for four extra days than usual, I usually get around four days without a top coat so I was pleasantly surprised. I change my nail colour so often than anything longer wouldn't really bother me anyway. 

If you want something to extend your nail colour life and give a super shiny sheen then you need to pick up this little lovely, plus with this, it only means you're useless after painting your nails for a minute rather than ten! I really wouldn't be without it now. 

*PR Sample


  1. I've added this to my christmas bookmark folder to pick up now, I had a black varnish I got from them in harrods and it was amazing, love the brand xx

    1. I really need to pick up some of their coloured shades. I've only tried this one so far xx

  2. To reply to your earlier tweet, yes it was me I remember now! Lol. So glad you tried it out and were impressed! x

    Amy | The Beauty Post

    1. Haha I thought it was! Good choice, I love it :) xx

  3. This looks great! I really want it xo


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