Sunday, 13 September 2015

Hope & Glory Coffee

If you follow me on Instagram (alicespake) you'll know I love a good cup of coffee, usually a Soya Latte from Mettricks, so when Hope & Glory said they would love to be a part of the Southampton Blog Event I was really pleased. Along with coffee samples for all forty bloggers, they also sent through two pouches of their coffee for me to try. I was sent Kenya Gathongo* and Blenheim Expresso Blend #One* all 250g grams of delicious smelling coffee. 

I had to wave goodbye to Nescafe earlier on in the year and stop drinking instant as the high acidity was making me quite unwell, but I'm absolutely fine with filter coffee thankfully! We have a cafetiere at work and coffee is the only thing that fuels us so both packets of coffee have come in very handy and the team are loving it. Kenya Gathongo is the favourite at the moment, described as sugared shortbread sweetness with winey forest fruit acidity, it really is something special. 

The second packet is the Blenheim Expresso Blend #One, one of their most popular coffees. It's a medium, dark roast brewed from a blend of coffees from Brazil, Kenya and Sumatra. Sweet with a kick of chocolate, it's a real treat for your tastebuds. We've had some great feedback on Hope & Glory from the bloggers at the Southampton Blog Event too so if you're looking for something a bit different for your morning coffee hit, make sure you check out their website where you can choose from seven different coffees or a taster pack containing five favourites. 

*PR Samples

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