Friday, 7 August 2015

Veet EasyWax Roll On Kit

When it comes to hair removal I'm pretty lazy. I'm blonde and fair so excess hair isn't a problem I have and when it comes to removing what I do have I like it to be effortless and fuss free so I've always reached for a razor. I've never had my legs waxed nor have I done it myself and I've used a hair removal cream once that I can remember. Like I said.... I'm real lazy. 

The Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On kit* was new territory for me but it had easy in the name so I thought I'd give it a shot. It's from Veet's Natural Inspirations range and is made from 90% ingredients from natural origin such as Shea Butter meaning it gives you lasting smoothness for 28 days. The roll on kit comes with a wax refill, self heating device and cap, 12 woven strips, after care wipes and all the electrical bits needed to heat it up. Designed for most skin types the Veet EasyWax takes 20-30mins to heat up while it sits in its handy little base. 

I'm not going to lie, I was impatient the first time I used it, it was hot but not hot enough but I went ahead anyway and lived to regret it. The second time I tried the EasyWax I let it heat up for a good 30 minutes. Rolling the device in the direction of the hair, I applied the wax followed by a woven strip. The device was a little difficult to roll, you need to apply some pressure but after a couple of goes it became easier. 

Whenever I think of ripping wax strips off, it always reminds me of that Friends episode with Monica and Phoebe trying waxing for the first time and my reaction was pretty similar to Monica's. Damn does it hurt. Why do women put themselves through this?! This was what I was thinking the whole time but the results of waxing at home more than make up for the pain. My legs are super smooth and fuzz free and there is no re-growth (gross) as of yet. If it really does stay fuzz free for up to 28 days then I may be a waxing convert but only just... I'm still wincing at ripping the strips off. 

If you have more waxing balls then me then this is the perfect at home device to keep your legs super smooth. It's so easy to use and you can also buy refills for your underarms and bikini line. Happy waxing!

*PR Sample



  1. I tried this and omg I literally am not brave enough why does it hurt so bad?! hahaha seriously, I want to persevere as I don't want to pay for a salon, but I need to man up xx

    1. I don't know.. it was like torture haha xx

  2. If it lasts for 28 days I can definitely see myself purchasing it! The thought of going to a professional to get it done is a bit embarrassing so this is a great idea.

    Roxie x

    1. Super impressed with the last time but so painful xx

  3. Woop! I've been thinking about buying this because I'm SO lazy about shaving (and my hair is really dark XD), waxing costs money that I don't have right now and hair removal creams are LAME. Good to know that this works, I'll be grabbing it once I get paid next week!

    Shae xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

    1. Haha I know what you mean, let me know how you get on with it xx


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