Sunday, 26 July 2015

Belseva Birch Water

I've been enjoying my fair share of plant based drinks this year with Aloe Vera being one of my favourites so when I first heard about Belseva Birch Water I was really intrigued. Belseva was founded thirty years ago in France by Patrice Cordebar after telling a friend he wanted to plant trees on his land for his family to enjoy. Birch trees were suggested as they were better suited to his land and it all went from there. The natural sap was harvested from Patrice's land and has since been exported all over the world. 

Belseva Birch Water* has so many health benefits, helping weight loss alongside a sensible eating plan, water retention and stress. It's also ideal if you have a low immune system, have had a heavy night or if you're just feeling tired and sluggish. Birch sap hydrates and rejuvenates the body, eliminating toxins while giving you an overall boost. 

Belseva is pure organic birch sap so you get all the benefits in one handy carton as some birch water companies add extras into their drinks. Belseva is also the first Tetra Pak birch water with a screw lid so you can chuck it in your bag on the go. The taste wasn't what I was expecting, I'm not entirely sure what I thought it was going to taste like but it was nice and very refreshing when ice cold. Belseva pretty much tastes like water (duh!) but with a slight sweet taste to it. I haven't drunk enough to see any health benefits but I do need to track some Belseva down in Southampton so I can stock my fridge back up with it. It would be my new way to kick my body into action for the day ahead.

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  1. I find all these different waters to be strange! Maybe it's because I really really like regular water. I found coconut water to be wayyy too sweet. I've seen maple water going around the Internet and I'm intrigued because I like the taste of maple, but I suspect there would be a similar sweetness issue! Probably just going to stick to the regular stuff from the tap... and whatever it contains.

    Aisling | aisybee.

    1. I did at first until I did a little research into them. I love water but every now and then I like something a bit different. I like coconut water with lemon as it's more bitter xx


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