Friday, 29 May 2015

Creamy Coconut Face Treats

My skin has been really suffering recently and now I've finally worked out what the problem is I can finally get it back to it's usual happy self. With the help of an incredible facial oil I'll be posting about soon, I've also been using the Creamy Coconut face mask from Montagne Jeunesse. I'm forever picking up cheap face masks from Boots and I've really liked using this one. 

The Creamy Coconut face mask is for dry and tired skin, containing ground cocoa, pulped coconut and pressed shea nut. With hydrating coconut water it's a real treat for your face. I applied this for twenty minutes then laid back in a huge bubble bath to let it work it's magic. The mask smells good enough to eat and it left my skin feeling smooth and subtle. My make up also seemed to go on easier the following morning as my skin just felt so much better. I'll be heading to Boots to stock up on these, I just wish they came in a handy tube! 



  1. Ooh, this sounds lovely! I love this brand as they are cruelty-free and super affordable! xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. I love their little blurb on the back about buny bashing! xx

  2. I bet this smells absolutely amazing! Some of the Montagne Jeunesse masks do come in tubes now but I'm not sure about this particular one x

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    1. Do they? Oh that's good to know. I'll have to have a better look next time xx


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