Friday, 24 April 2015

Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil

Spring is in the air, the sun is finally starting to show and shaving season is almost upon us which means one thing, time to get out those pasty pins. Thankfully I had a bottle of Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil* waiting in the wings for when the time was right. Tan Organic is an Eco Certified self tanning brand made from all natural ingredients which means no nasties, no parabens, no artificial drying agents and no fake tan smell! Nothing worse than smelling like a dodgy biscuit. 

The Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil* comes in a slim, glass bottle and smells like Barbados in a bottle. Containing eight different plant oils, the orange peel oil is the one that really shines through and it stays on the skin for a while too which adds to that holiday feel. Designed to add a glow to the skin to make you look sun kissed and bronzed, it develops over eight hours leaving you looking like you've just stepped off a plane.

Now I don't tan that regularly, I was told to embrace my paleness a few years back and I've done just that so I'm not a tanning pro and unfortunately Tan Organic and I didn't get on all too well. It's a dry oil which you can apply with or without a mitt. I did both and both times didn't quite get the blend to colour ratio right. I like to be able to see where I'm putting the tan but this is a clear oil that develops gradually so I did the "put some on, add a little more" thing. I exfoliated, moisturised and did the whole tan prep but I ended up patchy in parts and just generally looking a little dirty. Thankfully the Tan Erase Ultimate Exfoliator* came in really handy when it came to showering the following morning and sorting out the mess I'd created. 

Tan Organic have won numerous awards for this tan and I've read some excellent reviews on it too so I'm a little disappointed that we weren't a tan match made in heaven but you can't have them all. My tan loving friend will have to give this a good go instead and let me know her thoughts! It'll be interesting to see if she gets on any better with it than I did. I'd love to know if you've tried Tan Organic and had the same problem or loved it and can tell me what I did wrong. 
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  1. You should try tanning mousses! They're my favourite, from brands like St Tropez to budget brands I've never had a problem with them :) xo

    1. That's what I usually use! Back to the mousse it is! xx

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