Friday, 9 January 2015

Skincare Favourites 2014

Skincare was something I always meant to do but never really bothered with until January of last year when I thought it was about time I did something before it was too late. I've used so many different products this year but these six are ones that really stood out for me. Soap & Glory's Hand Food is a product I've used again and again, I have one at work, home and mini one in my bag and it would take a lot to pry away from me. I found some good competition in Bubble T Cosmetics in the later part of 2014 but Hand Food won't be leaving me anytime soon.

Lipglam is a multi-use product for cuticles, split ends, eyebrows and much more but I've been using this mainly for my lips. It's in a tube that needs warming but keeps my lips so moisturised over night. For facial skincare I've been using A-Derma Rheacalm Rich Soothing Cream* as my day cream for a number of months and it has firmly taken the place of my go to day cream by Garnier. It's light, soothing and pretty much scent free which I really like. Before using my day cream I also use Yours Truly Organics which repairs and tightens the skin while reducing blemish inflammation. 

For my skin I've been relying on mainly two products, Lush Cosmetics Therapy is one I didn't understand at first but once shown how to use the solid bars, I'd never go back. Quick warm up in your hands and you're ready. It soothes my skin leaving it really soft and also helps tone. Therapy also smells amazing. The Eve of St. Agnes Hydrating Moisturiser was one that was sent to me and I fell for it hard. It looks pretty on my dresser, the box it comes in reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and the product itself, moisturises, hydrates and smells beautiful. Definitely a big thumbs up. I'm interested to try some different things this year but these are all products I am keeping stocked up on this year.



  1. I have the soap & glory hand food and I love it too :)
    really need to try the lush cosmetics therapy!!

    Melissa ||

  2. Great post! I also have the Soap and Glory hand food. I really want to try out the others. Thanks for this!

    Abigail | Cheers to Now

  3. Hand Food is just awesome! I'll be picking some up very soon with my Christmas Boots giftcard. The Eve of St. Agnes moisturiser sounds lovely. xxx

    1. Love the moisturiser but I'm almost out now :( xx

  4. I didn't know Lush's Therapy bar tones?! That's amazing! Tempted to try that next time. I also love Hand Food :)

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy


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