Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Blog Favourites 2014

I came across some of my favourite blogs in 2014, all of which are new reads and ones I have gone back to again and again. Below are five blogs I have loved from the minute I clicked on them, there are many more I read and love but these are five I think you should be reading too. I'll post some more next month as I have a pretty huge reading list and I'd love to share more of my favourites. If you want to have a read of these then just click their pictures which will lead you directly to their blogs.

If you're looking for beautiful, clear photography and in depth reviews then Gemma from Miss Make Up Magpie is your girl, she makes me want things I really don't need. Hayley is the creator of Wittering Wednesdays which make my week, if you haven't read them, get yourself on Tea Party Beauty and catch up. Now. Brogan of Brogan Tate xo is the loveliest girl I've met and her Youtube channel is where it's at. Forget Zoella, Brogan is who you need to be watching. 

Kal from Cluttered Closet and I both started our blogs around the same time and she has such a variety of posts on all things beauty, offers and Top 5's. Plus she's always up for a chat on Twitter too. Becky from Becky Bedbug is a blog I stumbled across way before I actually spoke to her on Twitter, I love her writing, her reviews and the way she just pulls you into them. She also laughs and snorts inappropriately with me at Lush events. Are any of my favourites your favourites?



  1. Mine is very new. Not sure what I'm doing, layouts etc. still learning.

  2. Thank you SO much for including me, and your very kind words xxx

  3. Some lovely blogs! Love this way of sharing which blogs you enjoy x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. Me too, really enjoyed these posts recently xx

  4. Great picks! Some of these are my favourites too!



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