Friday, 23 January 2015

Healthy Snacks with Oloves

The New Year for me meant a complete life over haul from what I was eating and drinking to a different hair colour. My mid morning snacks at work have been consisting of different fruits and berries and snacks from Oloves. I came across Oloves last year when they provided packs of their much loved olives for the goody bags. In November they attended the second Southampton meet up providing products for the goody bags and raffle prizes. 

I used to hate olives but nowadays I could happily eat a whole jar to myself. These little packs come in four flavours, Basil & Garlic*, Chili & Garlic*, Lemon & Rosemary* and Chili & Oregano*, all of which are as moreish as the next. My favourites are the original Basil & Garic and the Chili & Oregano. At just 50 calories, they're my guilt free treat and come in the perfect sized portion to keep you going til a late lunch. 

Oloves aren't just about olives so I found out when this pack of snacks arrived. A box of crackers and hummus was a welcome surprise but sharing it with the other half proved difficult. It was really tasty and the perfect side to a small salad lunch although I could of happily just munched away at it on its own. The stuffed vines and bruschetta pots weren't really for me but if of course you like that sort of stuff then you are on to a snack winner. You can purchase Oloves from Holland & Barrett or online where the website will direct you to the right place. They're something I'll be buying and eating for a long while yet as long as I can keep them out of Arran's clutches! 

*PR Samples


  1. I love these they taste so good. I won all of these flavours in the raffle. My fave is the basil and garlic too! My nearest holland and barrett is a while away but I think a trip might be needed there soon!
    Sophie xo

    1. I need to stock up, they're just so yummy xx

  2. I need to sort out my snacking soon, as even though I have been going to the gym loads and getting healthier, I struggle with putting down the crisps. These sound lovely x

    1. My problem is Sunbites aha I've never been a big crisp eater xx

  3. Replies
    1. They are! I need a constant supply aha xx


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