Saturday, 22 November 2014

Thierry Mugler #AngelAddiction

Angel by Thierry Mugler is a fragrance I associate with many different memories and addictions, it's also a fragrance my mother has worn for a number of years so I find it quite comforting. Their latest campaign featuring Georgia May Jagger reflects powers of femininity, glamour and seduction; Three words, that to me describe Theirry Mugler's fragrances perfectly. As Instagram is an addiction of mine I felt a collage of my Instagram photos past and present would be the best way to show you my addictions.

Nine photos all with deep meaning. Places such as Southampton, where I was born and Alicante, where I grew up. Photos of my lovely boyfriend and the best of friends. My favourite animal, a penguin which has definitely become an addiction in itself. Memories of festivals in the sun and Autumn days. And coffee. Coffee is definitely an addiction of mine.

What addictions do you have? Whether it's from every day life or something from the past I'd love to know. You can also find Thierry Mugler social links below to share your addictions with them using the hashtag #AngelAddiction.

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  1. A really cute post, I love alien by Thierry mugler, I defo think it's the wrong name for the perfume though there's a new alien one out but haven't smelt if yet


    1. Thank you. I like Alien too, it's strong and you cannot mistake it xx

  2. Beautiful and creative post. It made myself think of my favourite fragrance and associated addictions. Addicted to journeys, remembering old and planning new, dreaming of them; and addicted to movies, just love watching movies.

    1. Thank you, it's interesting how something can take you back so quickly to a memory xx


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