Thursday, 6 November 2014

Espa Skincare

At the Southampton Blog Meet a few weeks ago we had the wonderful girls from Espa Skincare attend to give each blogger a skin presentation. This was done through our senses, we described what were our skin issues and then through smelling different scents and products they determined what would be best for our skin. My sniffer directed me straight to the product with Bergamot in which I am always attracted to and it was also the product that was for oily - combination skin. Nose did good.

I came away with the Radiance Collection which contains the Refining Skin Polish, Skin Radiance Mask, Replenishing Treatment Oil and Radiance Moisturiser; The Replenished Skin Collection containing the Hydrating Cleansing Milk, Hydrating Floral Spafresh, Optimal Skin Proserum, Replenishing Eye Moisturiser and Replenishing Moisturiser.

I've been using the Skin Radiance Moisturiser which contains Mulberry, Bearberry and Liquorice. It smells so good, not too fragranced and leaves a subtle scent on the skin. Used along side the treatment oil and skin polish, I'm left with the softest skin. The skincare set also came with a handy head band inside which is perfect for me as I always end up with face mask in my hair. 

I've been really impressed with Espa and I'm also booked in for a facial with them next at John Lewis which will no doubt result in buying more porducts. Have you used Espa before?



  1. I loveee ESPA! The set you got is my favourite it makes your skin look and feel amazing. What facial have you booked in for? As with the hour ones they normally get out a magnifying coloured lamp where they can see your dehydrated, congested etc areas - it's so good! Enjoy :) xx

    1. I've been really impressed with the products plus they smell bloody amazing too! xx


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