Monday, 8 September 2014

Old Wives Tail Argan & Rosemary Oil Mask

When I was contacted by Old Wives Tail about trying a hair mask treatment, I looked at the ends of my hair and quickly said yes. My hair is very thick, long and slightly frizzy, I also have my hair bleached every eight weeks. I chose the Argan & Rosemary Oil Treatment* as this was aimed to condition, moisturise and protect thick, frizzy and unruly hair.
Old Wives Tail is a small hair company using no additives or chemicals. They're also completely against animal testing, donating 10% of profits to animal charities. The OWT Story is really warming and goes to show that Grandmother's really do know best. 

A month or so ago I had a free afternoon and fancied a pamper, I dampened my hair and slathered the treatment from root to tip, using far too much because I lost the little booklet on how to use it. I remember reading that you had to leave it on for around an hour but I only managed 40 minutes because I really didn't like the smell of it. While washing it out, my hair felt like a greased frying pan and I needed to wash my hair a number of times for it to feel anywhere near clean, my own fault because I used so much. By this point I was panicking because I had plans that evening and didn't have the time to let my hair dry naturally, so out I whipped the hairdryer to see if it really was as bad as I thought it was going to be, all ready to have to jump back in the shower to wash it another three times. 

I really didn't have high hopes at this point, it sounds pretty awful right? How wrong was I! After I had dried my hair, which took a lot less time than usual, I was left with soft, well nourished and beautifully tamed hair. I was so, so impressed. Even the smell I didn't like had faded to a clean, fresh scent. I've since used this once a week, using a lot less than I had originally, meaning my little pot of hair miracle will last a lot longer. It's £13.99 for 100ml but you have to use the tiniest amount so it would definitely last a good while. 

This is something I would buy again and again, there are so many high street hair treatments that promise what this does but don't deliver the results. Old Wives Tail is my new favourite hair treatment and it won't be leaving my bathroom any time soon.

*PR Sample sent for review


  1. This sounds lovely, I'm glad it worked out okay for you in the end! My hair's very fine so I don't think this treatment would be right for me but I'd love to try something else by Old Wives Tail :) xx

    1. It is so lovely! I'm still not won over on the smell but the results are so worth it! xx


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