Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September in Instagram

1. After many tweets from various blogger friends, I finally posted my MAC Lipstick Collection because I wasn't planning on buying any new ones.. How wrong was I?!

2. Myself and Amy from AmzyinWonderland went to Mettricks for coffee, cake and a catch up. We're currently planning the second #sotonmeetup!

3. I had a very exciting delivery from NARS Cosmetics. Customer service at its best, I love a brand who appreciates their customers especially when it's a limited edition palette.

4. I went to Mettricks again, this time for cocktails with a friend. I had the Mettricks Garden and my friend had a Raspberry Mojito. How yummy do they look?

5. Birchbox time again! I LOVED September's Birchbox, probably one of my favourite ones so far!

6. I took another mirror selfie, this time in my new black duster jacket and chelsea boots.

7. It was Back to Mac time and I came home with Rebel which I have not stopped wearing!

8. Urban Decay announced the release of the Vice 3. Beyond excited!! 

9. Bath time! Nothing better than candles, soft bubbles and a hour to yourself in the tub.


Monday, 29 September 2014

Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush

Cleansing Brushes are everywhere at the moment. Everyone's trusty muslin cloths have been slung in a corner, having been replaced by these little hand held beauties. The Magnitone Lucid* is the travel version of the Magnitone Pulsar. I have the Aqua Green one from the Fashion Series which also includes Dazzling Blue, Plush Pink and Sunshine Yellow. I had never used a cleansing brush up until now, because I'm a little lazy with my skincare and they looked like they would scrap my skin off. 

I was very wrong. The Magnitone Lucid has completely changed my view on cleansing brushes. This was a really easy step to add in, I just had to squeeze my chosen cleanser onto the bristles and away I go. It has two settings, deep clean and sensitive; There's timed intervals of 20 seconds so you don't spend too much time on one part of your face too. 
I've been using mine after using micellar water and a wipe and I was so surprised at the colour of the cleansing brush after using it. Turns out my squeaky clean face I thought I had before I went to bed wasn't so squeaky after all. Yuck. I don't really have any skin problems but I did notice how much softer and smoother my skin was and my pores looked a little less noticeable. 

It comes with a portable charger which is perfect for travelling, the charge lasts around two weeks and it's fully waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath. The brush heads should be changed every eight weeks or so, you can buy a pack of two sensitive heads for £15.99 from Lookfantastic.com. I'm a cleansing brush convert. If you're yet to try one then give yourself a colourful treat, you won't regret it. 

*PR Sample sent for review.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water

Vita Coco has been THE drink to keep refreshed with over the Summer months. Launched in 2004 it's taken the world by storm and has a cult following rivaling even some celebrities. Search #vitacoco on Instagram and there's over 75,000 posts from people posing with their favourite drinks. 

Vita Coco is natural, hydrating, fat free, cholesterol free, gluten free, vegan and full of nutrients, potassium and those all important electrolytes. I cannot big this up enough. My favourite is the Vita Coco Lemonade made with lemon puree. There are five coconut water flavours available, Original, Lemonade, Orange, Peach & Mango, and Pineapple.

Recently launched is Vita Coco Cafe, Vita Coco Kids and Vita Coco Coconut Oil. You can find Vita Coco in over 20,000 stores across the globe including Sainsburys, Holland & Barrett, Selfridges and many more. 

*PR Sample sent for review.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Chanel Blush in Rose Petale

Chanel makes me very happy, especially when it's as pretty as this and comes in a little velvet pouch. I recently added Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Petale to my ever growing blush collection. Rose Petale is a beautiful, pearlescent pink. When I first opened the compact I just looked in awe at it for a little while, I can't quite express just how stunning this is. Chanel's iconic packaging is sleek and a big show stopper. Who doesn't love whipping out some Chanel to reapply?

The texture of the blush is soft which makes it really easy to work with, blending is effortless. A couple of swirls with a brush gives a perfect English Rose complexion that looks really natural. There is a shimmer to it which you can see in the swatch above but it looks much more toned down when applied to the apples of your cheeks. The compact comes with a mini blush brush; Although it's soft, it doesn't pick up enough product for an even coverage. Rose Petale also smells amazing, freshly cut rose isn't usually a smell I like but it works. It's subtle and not too overpowering. 

Chanel Rose Petale is on the pricey side at £31 but it is worth every penny. You should treat yourself and what better way to do that than with Chanel. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Saint Germain // MAC Cosmetics

I bought this for a mere £7 a few months back after finding a Cosmetic Company Outlet in Portsmouth. I can't bring myself to spend over £10 for a nail polish because more often than not Barry M have a cheaper and better alternative. I'll happily spend £25 on a lipstick though.. go figure?! You all know I hold MAC Cosmetics close to my heart so into the basket Saint Germain jumped.

Saint Germain is a bubblegum pink, looks beautiful on the nails and is a major tan enhancer. The formula? Rubbish. For a nail polish that retails at £12, I wasn't impressed. It takes three coats to get a perfect opaque colour and even then it is ever so slightly patchy which you can see on my fore finger. Once you've taken the time and a lot of patience to get it looking perfect, it does look exactly that but who has that time? I want to paint my nails, spray some fixing spray and get out the house. Oh and it chips within hours. A MAC product I'm not a fan of? Who would of thought it.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Homeware Hauling

Oh, what's this? Another home haul! I seriously need restraining but this did all come to just over £10 so I don't feel too bad. One evening a few weeks ago myself and the other half took a walk down to the retail park where there is a huge Tesco Home.. a huge Tesco Home, with a huge sale. I went candle mad as you can see and if I was on my own I probably would of bought a hell of a lot more. He is the sensible voice in my head.

The Love photo frame was £2.50 reduced from £5 and fits in perfectly in our bedroom which is really neutral. The brown, cut out lanterns were £1.25 reduced from £5 and are currently perched on the window in the lounge. We picked up two packs of tea lights, Ocean Wave and Couture for 80p each and the four glass candles which are vanilla scented for 50p each. Lastly we bought two more candle holders in grey coloured glass for 75p each. 

Have you come across any homeware sales recently?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hair Care Hauling

Oops. I've been shopping again and this time it's all hair care. I've mentioned on here before how I have my hair bleached so it needs a little extra attention to keep it looking luscious so off I went to stock up. The Garnier Ultimate Blends have been doing the rounds for a while now, I already use the shampoo and conditioner from the Colour Illuminator and Marvellous Transformer ranges so I thought it was about time I tried the oils. I picked up The Marvellous Glow and The Sleek Restorer to try, they're multi-use which is perfect as it's basically four products in one and I obviously had to try two different oils from the range.

While browsing the Boots clearance section I came across a small can of the Bumble Bumble Thickening Spray and Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Split Ends Binder both for just £1 so I couldn't not get those! Lastly I picked up three dry shampoos. Three, because I hate washing my hair and they were new. I bought Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Colour Mate which smells so good, it's meant to revitalise your locks without reducing your colour. I also bought the Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume and Herbal Essences Clearly Naked. Keep an eye out for some reviews.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Botanics Micellar Water V Garnier Micellar Water

In recent months I've become a Micellar Water convert. Micellar Water has been raved about left, right and center thanks to the holy grail that is Bioderma but as it's a little difficult to get hold of, there has been plenty of versions flooding the high street from brands such as Garnier and L'Oreal. I've been using the Garnier version for a number of months now, it does the job like nothing I've used before making sure my face is extra squeaky clean. 

Recently the Boots Botanics range released two micellar waters, Ultra Calm with marshmallow and All Bright with Hibicus. I have the Micellar 3 in 1 Ultra Calm* which is for sensitive skin and you get 250ml of cleanser in a bottle. There isn't a lot of difference between the Botanics and Garnier versions. They both remove make up, both cleanse the face and both leave my skin feeling clean and fresh. The marshmallow in the Botantics version helps the skin become less reactive to products and gently calms it thanks to the natural sugars in marshmellow plants. I don't prefer either one of these over the other, I love using them both. The only downside is the how the Botanics Ultra Calm dispenses, it doesn't have a stopper, so you need to try and control how much you are pouring out so as not to waste it all.

The Botanics Micellar Waters are such a bargain and are currently just £2.63 in Boots.

*PR Sample sent for a review.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

What's In My Bag

- Topshop Chevron Clutch.
- Sony Xperia Z2
- Ted Baker purse.
- Keys with two cupcake keyrings.
- Headphones.
- Chewing gum and breath freshener.
- Soap & Glory Hand Food & Hand Maid.
 - Hair pins.
- EOS Lip Balm in Lemon Drop.
- Perfume Samples.
- USB stick.
- Twinings tea bag.

Friday, 19 September 2014

MAC Cosmetics Rebel

I posted my MAC lipstick collection last week because I was pretty sure I wouldn't be adding to my collection for a while, that was until I had six empties products and Back to MAC was in sight. I had pretty much made up my mind which one I was going to get, Rebel had been on my list for a while and I wanted to start building up my Autumn shades.

Rebel comes in a satin finish and is described on their website as a mid-tone cream plum and that couldn't be any truer. It was love at first application. Dark and a little daunting in the bullet, Rebel leaves a gorgeous, dark raspberry pink on the lips. In the last few weeks I've been wearing this, I've felt it's completely brightened up my face, it makes my blue eyes pop and it is quickly becoming a favourite. The satin finish means I still get the slight matte effect I love but with a little added sheen to make it less drying. If you don't have Rebel in your collection you need to buy it now. The Autumn months are right around the corner and you won't regret this purchase.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Lemonaid

Lemonaid is one of those products that has been around for years but isn't really shown a lot of love. When I went to repurchase this recently even the girls on the Benefit counter were surprised at how many times I'd bought Lemonaid in the past because it's one of their least sold products. 

It's a yellow, cream eye primer which helps with redness and discolouration, the packaging is sturdy and it also comes with a handy little mirror inside. I just use my fingers to warm this up and apply under my eyes and eyelids. It instantly brightens up my face and helps my eye make up apply much better. Where it's so creamy, it gives my eye shadow something to stick to and lasts longer. I've seen a few comments on this creasing but I personally don't have this problem when using it but just be aware. 

On the Benefit website is says how this can be used on its own or under make up. On its own, I think this is quite noticeable but mixed with concealer or foundation, nobody would know you've had a little extra help in the dark circle department. This will be a firm staple in my make up bag for years to come and it's definitely my favourite Benefit product.
Which Benefit product wins your heart?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Burt's Bees 30th Anniversary

Today is the 30th anniversary of Burt's Bees, a brand we all know and love. They've been keeping our lips super soft for years and now have 170 products ranging from lip tints, face care and even baby care. I've used the Burt's Bee Beeswax Lip Balm on and off for years, it's a product I always go back too because it's so soothing, plus with the added Peppermint Oil it plumps your pout. 

I think one of the best things about Burt's Bees is that you can smell how natural their products are, you can smell the bees wax, the rosemary oil, the cocoa butter and lemon butter from some of their most loved products. The products have never been tested on animals and there are also no phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS used. I've already mentioned the Beeswax Lip Balm Tin* £3.69 and how I've sworn by it over the years but recently I've been trying out some of their best known classics in celebration of the anniversary. 

Hand Salve* £9.99 is 100% natural and full of Olive Oil, Beeswax and Vitamin E to help keep your hands soft and fight against aging. Shea Butter Hand Repair* £11.99 is the ultimate hand cream to tackle dry hands, especially as we're coming into the colder seasons again! It's thick, soaks in quick and leaves my hands feel really hydrated. Lastly is the Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream* £5.99, this smells to die for, just like fresh lemonade. My cuticles aren't great but I've been using this the last few weeks and I'm already noticing a transformation, definitely my new manicure must have. These products are classics for a reason and they're trusted because they work. If you have a look on the Burt's Bees website there is lots of information on the company, where it all started and what Burt is doing now.

Why not celebrate Beesday with Burt's Bees?
1. Visit facebook.com/burtsbeesuk and tag a birthday message to the bees with #burtsbeeday
2. Tune in at 9pm BST on 17th September to see if Burt reads your message in a live video
webcast at burstbeeday.com

*PR Samples sent for review.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Maxfactor False Lash Effect 24hour

Once I find a mascara I love, I don't venture aware from it very often. Maxfactor have been my go to brand for mascara ever since they launched Lash Extension Effect and then False Lash Effect. I've used a few of the variations of False Lash Effect and this is the newest one I picked up to try, the 24 hour version, meant to give bold volume and be smudge proof for 24 hours. Now I don't wear mascara for that long but I do usually put it on around 7am so if my lashes are still full and looking luscious by 7pm, I'm happy. 

This has my perfect mascara wand. I like a wand that can separate each and every lash without clumping. The bristles descend in size which means the tip is really useful for coating your corner lashes. False Lash Effect leaves my lashes looking so full and for once we have a product that does exactly what it is meant to do on the packaging, last 24 hours. 

It lasts 24 hours because it is a complete nightmare to remove, I've tried wipes, micellar water, cream cleanser and it just doesn't shift. After a while my eyes just hurt from trying to remove it. There isn't much difference between this and the other False Lash Effect mascaras in the range, they all do the job of leaving your lashes looking fuller and bolder. 
The others just do it without ripping your lashes out. Maxfactor mascaras will always be a fave of mine but this one will be staying bottom of the pile. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Personalised Blog Planner & Giveaway

There is nothing I love more than fabulous stationary, Paperchase is up there with the MAC counter as my favourite place to be. I always have a notebook to hand so I can write down ideas, wish lists and shopping lists so saying yes to Personal-Planner when they contacted me about having  my own personalised blog planner was a no brainer. The Personal Planner website is a stationary lovers dream! There are hundreds of different options, from a planner to a notebook or a wall planner. You can choose everything, from the size, colour, the date you want your planner to start and how you want the pages designed. You can also choose the colour of the ruler inside and the elastic closure. 

I chose the A5 size as I wanted something that would fit perfectly in my bag. On the front it has my blog name 'Annie Writes Beauty', on the inside page it has my details and throughout the planner I've customised each page so I have the option to write to do lists, make notes and I also have plenty of space to write things down on each specific day.
The quality of the planner is fantastic the paper is thick, there are no dodgy printing errors and it's protected by plastic covers so there is no chance of damage or pages being ripped. There is a plastic wallet inside which you can store notes in but I have put a photo in mine. Another thing I love about them is if you flick to dates that are special occasions there is a little coloured picture in the corner. Halloween has a Pumpkin, Christmas has a Christmas tree and public holidays in the UK have a Union Jack! 

Giveaway time!

The lovely people at Personal Planner are giving you the chance to win and customise your own personal planner. The prize will be in the form of a giftcard so you can sit and have the fun I had personalising your own and it is open internationally. All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter widget below and make sure you read the Terms and Conditions.

Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions

- One winner will be picked at random using Rafflecopter.
- If you are under 16 please get your parents permission.
- I will be contacting the winner by email if there is no response after 28 days then I will be picking another winner at random.
- The winner will receive their gift card via a digital code by Personal Planner.
- There is no cash alternative.
- I will be checking all entries and any false or duplicate entries will be removed.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

September Birchbox & Voucher Code

There is no other time of the month I love more than Birchbox time and this months is a good'un! The September Birchbox* £12.95 arrived a few days ago and I tore open the package to find the Happy Days themed box in teal and hot pink! Adorable! The Happy Days theme is all about reminiscing about our happiest days, sunny memories and some of the best times of our lives. Two of the items go with this theme perfectly; The voucher for Photobox.co.uk where you can order a canvas print, personalised phone case or photo block at a special discount and the block photo clip. I also had a bag of Urban Fruit Mango Pieces but I had eaten them after having the box open for five minutes. Yummy.

The one product I was most excited to find was Benefits It's Potent eye cream, I love this stuff and have just conveniently run out of my own pot, it's soothing, leaves skin feeling soft and is definitely worth it's price tag. Next up is Premae Mild Pro Dermabrasion, this contains olive granules to get your skin really clean, it really does buff your skin leaving a smooth base to apply make up to. 

ModelCo Powerlash Mascara didn't wow me, I've used their eyeliner before and had panda eye by 10am so I was dubious using this. This also smudged under my eye by 10am, I'll be sticking to my Thick & Fast. Lastly, I had the Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper. After seeing the shade of this I didn't have high hopes, that was until I applied it. Rio reminds me of Enchanted One from MAC's Alluring Aquatic range and looks lovely on. It also contains spearmint oil, peppermint oil and ginger root to plump your lips. 

If you haven't tried Birchbox before use the code BBX5ANNIEWRITES to get £5 off your first box, making it just £7.95! Offer ends 30/09/14.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Old Wives Tail Argan & Rosemary Oil Mask

When I was contacted by Old Wives Tail about trying a hair mask treatment, I looked at the ends of my hair and quickly said yes. My hair is very thick, long and slightly frizzy, I also have my hair bleached every eight weeks. I chose the Argan & Rosemary Oil Treatment* as this was aimed to condition, moisturise and protect thick, frizzy and unruly hair.
Old Wives Tail is a small hair company using no additives or chemicals. They're also completely against animal testing, donating 10% of profits to animal charities. The OWT Story is really warming and goes to show that Grandmother's really do know best. 

A month or so ago I had a free afternoon and fancied a pamper, I dampened my hair and slathered the treatment from root to tip, using far too much because I lost the little booklet on how to use it. I remember reading that you had to leave it on for around an hour but I only managed 40 minutes because I really didn't like the smell of it. While washing it out, my hair felt like a greased frying pan and I needed to wash my hair a number of times for it to feel anywhere near clean, my own fault because I used so much. By this point I was panicking because I had plans that evening and didn't have the time to let my hair dry naturally, so out I whipped the hairdryer to see if it really was as bad as I thought it was going to be, all ready to have to jump back in the shower to wash it another three times. 

I really didn't have high hopes at this point, it sounds pretty awful right? How wrong was I! After I had dried my hair, which took a lot less time than usual, I was left with soft, well nourished and beautifully tamed hair. I was so, so impressed. Even the smell I didn't like had faded to a clean, fresh scent. I've since used this once a week, using a lot less than I had originally, meaning my little pot of hair miracle will last a lot longer. It's £13.99 for 100ml but you have to use the tiniest amount so it would definitely last a good while. 

This is something I would buy again and again, there are so many high street hair treatments that promise what this does but don't deliver the results. Old Wives Tail is my new favourite hair treatment and it won't be leaving my bathroom any time soon.

*PR Sample sent for review

Saturday, 6 September 2014

My Night Time Skincare Routine

Skin care is something I've only really taken notice of since the beginning of this year. I was the girl who used face wipes and almost always slept in her make up. I felt you wince as you read that. That was until I turned twenty something and was told by my lovely mother, I really needed to start moisturising. She was right, enter me tearing Boots apart looking for something to revert my skin back a few years. I've really taken notice though and have tried some fabs products this year. 

I currently use six products religiously at night with a couple of others thrown in every other night. First up is my favourite cleanser, Garnier Micellar Water, I just soak large cotton pads full of this and wipe away the days dirt and grim, it's so soothing and refreshing. I put it in the fridge for the mornings to really wake up my skin. Next up is the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel*, which is said to revive, restore and protect skin. I just pat a couple of pumps of this over my face and neck, letting it soak in. It smells really natural and I've noticed how my skin feels much smoother and more awake. 

After letting the recovery gel soak in, I pat Soap & Glory's Make Yourself Youthful eye cream under and around my eye area using my index finger. Do not get this in your eye, it stings so much! The results are worth it though. I follow the eye cream up with the Make Yourself Youthful serum, couple of pumps worked into my skin, making it feel all plump. I use the Monu Recovery Balm* as a night time moisturiser. This contains soft rose and bergamot essential oils which I find is a really relaxing scent, a little goes a long way and it melts into the skin leaving it really smooth. My skin always feels so soft in the morning. 
Lastly I use Soap & Glory Smooch operator on my lips as it's quite thick, perfect to leave to soak in overnight for soft lips in the morning.

I don't really do much different in the morning apart from using a lighter moisturiser. What skincare products do you use? I'd love to know if you think I'm missing something important from my routine as I'm having a real thing for skincare at the moment and to be honest, I'm still pretty clueless about what to use. 

Any suggestions welcome in the comments below or tweet me @alicespake

*PR Samples sent for review

Friday, 5 September 2014

Veil Cover Cream

When Veil Cover Cream first got in touch about reviewing some products I was a little skeptical, I knew it was used as camouflage make up and had an outstanding reputation among its clients but I didn't have anything to camouflage. I said yes because I was really intrigued about the products and when the Veil Cover Cream Demonstration Kit* arrived with 20 different shades and a dusting powder I was ready to get to work. 

My beautiful sister, Emily volunteered her face for me to practice on because she suffers bad breakouts due to her Epilepsy medication that she has to take. We've been trying to find the perfect cover up foundation for her, for months so we had high expectations for Veil Cover Cream. A few weekends ago we got to work, fully cleansing her face ready to apply.

 The shade range is really great, from a very light Cream to the darker tones of Coffee and Toffee. I think this pack will be great for practising contouring with aswell. We used a few different shades to get the right tone for Emily, a mix of Vanilla, Natural Light and Suede. It's quite heavy duty and you need the smallest amount to get full coverage. I used my Real Techniques Stippling Brush which made the application so much easier. 

As you can see from the before and after photos, Veil Cover Cream blends flawlessly onto the skin covering up imperfections, discolouration and blemishes. It blurs the skin, making the perfect base to apply the rest of your make up, it's the ultimate confidence booster and it really does last for hours. I've left the demonstration pack with Emily the last few weeks so she can have a good test of it. Although a little heavy for everyday wear, she has been singing Veil Cover Creams praises.Veil Cover Cream is available to purchase from £19.95, in two different sizes and 40 different shades. There is also a translucent finishing powder available. You can purchase via the website which I've linked at the top of this post or most pharmacies. 

*PR Sample sent for review.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection

I recently posted about my favourite MAC lipstick, So Chaud which had me delving into my lipstick collection again. I've had tweets and emails in the past about posting a MAC lipstick collection but for some reason I just never got round to it. I'm on a MAC Lipstick ban at the moment because I'm still miffed they raised their prices again so my collection is staying at an uneven 17. There's nudes, pinks and reds, satins, mattes and amplified finishes and a couple of limited editions chucked in too. I hope you're ready for a pretty long post. 

Myth, Enchanted One, Hue, Crosswires, Lovelorn.

Myth - Satin
Myth was one of those purchases where it seemed a good idea at the time. Everyone searches for their perfect nude, right? Well this isn't mine. Think of foundation lips and that is what I look like with it on. Bad, bad lipstick choice.

Alluring Aquatics Enchanted One - Matte
Enchanted One was not the original lipstick I wanted from the Alluring Aquatics collection, I wanted Goddess of the Sea but this just won me over. It's a Matte finish with a lovely pink, brown tone that lasts for hours even through food and drink. Plus it doesn't tug on the lip when applied.

Hue - Glaze
I picked this up in a blog sale way back in February and this is my perfect nude. I wear it all the time, It never leaves my bag. Hue leaves a perfect subtle pink on the lips, it doesn't last for hours but I don't mind reapplying this one again and again. 

Crosswires - Cremesheen
Crosswires transfers quite dark on my lips which put me off a little at first as I just didn't think it suited me but I've grown to love it. It's such a smooth finish, and leaves a dark pop of coral on the lips. 

Lovelorn - Lustre
Lovelorn is also an every day favourite of mine, and one I reach for quite a bit for work. I really like the lustre formula, it makes application easy as it just glides on while leaving my lips feeling really moisturised. 

Pink Nouveau, Pink Poodle, Candy Yum Yum, Kelly Yum Yum, Impassioned, Girl About Town.

Pink Nouveau - Satin
Pink Nouveau is probably my second favourite after So Chaud. It's my perfect candy pink, it lasts for hours, doesn't transfer too much like it's glossier finished siblings and it looks pretty awesome with a tan too. I've used this half way down so far and it's one I would buy straight away once it's finished. 

Pink Poodle - Glaze 
Pink Poodle was one I purchased on a whim. I'd just started my April spending ban, the 90's throwback range was released on the MAC website on day two. I craved and bought this and another because I had to spend over £30 for free delivery. There was logic in my madness. 
This is very similar to Girl About Town, just that tad bit more shimmery.

Candy Yum Yum - Matte
Kelly Yum Yum - Satin
I recently did a post comparing these two so I won't go on too much, why not check out my Candy Yum Yum vs Kelly Yum Yum post instead? 

Impassioned - Amplified 
My poor Impassioned lipstick is a little battered, I have to be so careful when applying because it will just snap, no matter how many times I've stuck it back together and put in the fridge. This is one of those pink lipsticks everyone should own. There is nothing quite like it. 

Girl About Town - Amplified 

Girl About Town is a gorgeous, fuchsia pink, perfect for day and night. I bought this after being recommended it by so many others. It's moisturising and so wearable. 

Viva Glam Rihanna, Ruby, So Chaud, Ruby Woo, Diva, Private Party

Viva Glam Rihanna - Glaze
 I have a lot of red lipsticks and I hate to say that I did buy this because I wanted something from a collaboration MAC did with Rihanna, but it's all for a fabulous cause! This isn't my favourite red, I don't think it has great staying power but the packaging makes up for it. It's more shimmery than I expected and very glossy. 

Pedro Lourenco Ruby - Amplified

The packaging of this is so luxurious, I really do love it. It's a mid tone, blue red and I personally think it compliments my pale skin tone. It's not as in your face as some reds can be and I've used this quite a lot for during the day. 

So Chaud - Matte 

I only posted about this little beauty last week, in My Favourite MAC Lipstick post, it's a orangy-red shade and one of my most used.

Ruby Woo - Retro Matte

This was the other lipstick I purchased during my spending ban.. oops. I had seen this doing the rounds, been told to buy it by so many and I finally caved. It's gorgeous! So, so drying, it could peel your lips off  but oh so worth it for the finished look. Remember, lip scrub is your best friend while wearing this blue toned red. 

Diva - Matte

I do like my matte lippies and this was a Back to MAC 'purchase'. I picked this up ready for the Autumn months, it's dark, it's vampy and it's a pretty gorgeous, burgundy red. It looks scary as hell in the tube but I can't wait to be wearing this with a chunky knit and big boots.

Private Party - Satin

This is from last years Divine Night collection, a cool, berry tone which I find compliments my pale skin, even if I was a bit dubious at first. This was my go to dark lip last Winter and will be a firm favourite again these coming few months.

So there you have it, my collection. Finally! 
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