Sunday, 3 August 2014

Argan Dew Hair Treatments

Argan Dew has featured a lot on various blogs over the months and when Amy and I were organising the Southampton blog meet they kindly sent through samples for each of the girl's goody bags. I finally got round to using my samples last week when I fancied a pamper day. Argan Dew specialise in that oil we all know and love; and since I've had my hair bleached again it needed some TLC, this certainly did the job. 

I used both treatments in one go while having a relaxing bubble bath. You put the Replenishing Hair Mask on for five or so minutes and then just rinse out. It smelt so lovely, I can't stand anything that smells gross on my hair as it tends to linger. After washing through my hair just incase it irritated my scalp (it didn't, woo!) I towel dried my long tresses and applied the Daily Hair Treatment to the ends and let my hair dry. Again, it left my hair smelling lovely, it looked really shiny and healthy plus the ends didn't look as frazzled. Top marks for Argan Dew from me! You can order their products online via their website which I have linked at the top. 

If you have tried Argan Dew I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Love a good hair product that nourishes it after bleaching! I've used Argan Oil products before but they didn't seem to work with my type of hair, but it's nice to see it worked for you!

    Laura x
    BVL | Fashion & Beauty Blog ❤️

    1. I would be so lost without Argan Oil. I've just picked up the Ultimate Blends Argan Oil shampoo to try aswell xx

  2. I tried the argan dew hair oil the other night and loved it, so similar to moroccan oil i actually prefer the smell of this one! Can't wait to try out the hair mask now :) xx


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