Monday, 12 May 2014

FRANK Coffee Scrub

I'd never heard of Frank Body until my sister rang to tell me it was the new 'in' thing. I didn't know how true this was until I did a little research. Low and behold the younger one was right. EVERYONE is using this stuff right now. I bet you're all dying to know what exactly it is, because I know I was. 
Frank comes in a brown envelope which has a suction clip at the top for extra freshness. It is coffee after all! When you first open the envelope the smell that hits you is unreal. I just wanted a fresh coffee, but after a little while you get hints of Orange Oil breaking through too. It also comes with a little postcard which says - 

"Hey babe
To be frank, I'm a simple coffee scrub. 
And I can't wait to be on you. 
Get naked, get dirty, get rough, and get clean. 
Soak up all those essential oils, minerals, and my special coffee blend.
To be used morning or night at your leisure, I will target cellulite, stretch marks, dry and tired skin."
All you have to do is get yourself into some water, grab two handfuls of coffee scrub, and massage all over. If you have any problem areas such as dry skin or stretch marks make sure you pay close attention to those. It's advised for best results to leave on for 5-10 minutes. Two small handfuls is enough to cover your entire body as once wet, it spreads very easily, just smooth all over and give yourself a good scrub. 

My sister and I, (who is also my trusty hand and arm model in these photos) have been using this for nearly three weeks now and the results have been pretty amazing.  You're probably thinking it's just another scrub but believe me, it's more than that. This smooths, buffs and refreshes the skin and the Orange Oil leaves a subtle fruity scent. I keep pulling my arms out and telling people to smooth me. I'm a total coffee scrub convert... Dare I say I've pushed my all time favourite Scrub of your Life to the back of my bathroom shelf!
You get such good amount of scrub for the price, which I think works out around £8. Frank is made in Melbourne Australia, vegan and isn't tested on animals. There are two different types of scrub, Original, which is what I have and Coconut and Grapeseed. You should also check out the website and blog as it's really entertaining. I just love how it's worded. I think everyone should get their Frank on!  



  1. I use this religiously! It is so amazing! Im seeing a change in my stretch marks after four weeks and it makes my skin so soft! I agree with you about the wording, so clever and catchy!

    Dani xo |

    1. Oh I love it.. my skin is so soft, I'm going to buy the coconut one next time! xx

  2. I've seen this all over instagram but this is the first review i've seen able it and it sounds amazing! With summer coming up I might need to give this a go! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. Sounds like a really nice, indulgent scrub! Would you say it actually targets cellulite? xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. I personally think I would need to use it for a bit longer to see an effect so I'm not sure.. it does leave my skin feeling so soft though xx

  4. Mmmm this sounds amazing!" I love the smell of coffee :)

    1. Me too... it does get a bit messy though haha xx

  5. I've seen this aaall over instagram! And after reading your review i'm dying to try it! :)
    xx Ann-Kathrin


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