Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Pampering Session

Everybody loves a good pamper session right? Sunday evenings are to pamper yourself in my opinion, to take a good few hours away from the world and everyday life to just concentrate on that all important person, you. I love nothing more than getting into a piping hot bath, lighting some Yankee Candles, my personal favourite being Vanilla Satin and laying back in some bubbles.

Now, I'm sure each one of you has some pampering essentials and I thought this post would be a perfect way to show you what I use. I picked up some Easter bubble bars at a recent Lush event I went to which you can review here and used the Bunny for this bath, I was just going to use half of it but I get a bit carried away with bubbles and used the whole thing! It has the same scent of the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and turned the bath a soft, lilac colour. Why I didn't take a photo, I do not know but a beautiful coloured bath makes it that much more special I think.

Soap and Glory are a brand kept close to my heart! I'm a big fan as you can see from the above photo, this evening I have used Sugar Crush, The Scrub of your Life, Peaches & CleanI also have their head band and shower puff. A healthy addiction I feel. Off your face were also used before to take any remaining make up off. Now a pampering session is not complete without lots of moisturiser, creams and potions! Garnier Intensive 7 days is a new purchase that is in my haul post for tomorrow but I couldn't wait to try it, I used this on my legs as they've been feeling really dry recently. I also used Butter YourselfHeel Genius and Hand Food

On my face I used Feel Good Factor and Puffy Eye Attack,  I use these products in the evening when I've removed my make up and then just before I go to bed I also apply night cream and eye cream. Finally there is Mint Julips to get rid of any dead skin or flakes on my lips before I apply and intensive lip balm. Everything I used is linked in this post, I recommend any of the Soap & Glory pieces as they are products I buy again and again! What is your top pampering product? I'd love some new products to try in time for next Sunday!


  1. I've just had my own Sunday Pamper Session :D
    Very jealous about the bath though. Because I live in a student house with a shared bathroom, I don't think it would be relaxing (or clean enough, ew!).
    I still need to get a hold of the Puffy Eye attach it looks so good ! x

    1. Oh I remember shared housing! I wouldn't touch the bath! Thankfully I live with a pretty clean boyfriend now so bathes are an option! Puffy Eye Attack is fab! xx


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