Monday, 10 February 2014

Blistex Lip Massage

I picked this up in Poundland when I went to have a nose at their beauty offerings.. There wasn't much there but I have this problem where I find it difficult to leave empty handed so this ended up going through the till and you can never have enough lip balms in my opinion. According to the packaging this promises a few things and also contains SPF 15. 

"Unique smoothing applicator tip massages Shea Butter, Squalane and Aloe Vera. Use daily to leave your lips gorgeously soft and supple 24/7"

I'm usually a fan of Blistex but this did not impress me. This is a really stiff balm, feels thick on my lips and takes a while to absorb. It isn't sticky though and smells like sweets which is it's only redeeming quality. The worst part? The unique tip that is meant to massage your lips. It's soft and rubbery so doesn't hurt your lips but the product just gathers in the massaging waves and you have to wipe it away after each application. It also just moves the balm around your lips and you end up with streaky lines. It's like bad tan for your lips!
As I said I am usually a fan so I'm not writing the brand off completely but this is being chucked in the bin. 

Has anyone else used this and felt differently?


  1. I'm terrible at picking up things in Poundland. I go in for something like washing up liquid and think 'I can't just buy one thing' so I get a load of other stuff!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. Oh I know! I pick up things I know I'll never use just because I can't say no to myself! Thanks for commenting xx

  2. I nearly bought this in poundland too, but I bought a yummy flavoured Blistex one instead, sounds like it was a good move! Xx

    1. I've bee keeping an eye out for the flavoured ones but nothing yet! :( xx


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