Thursday, 23 January 2014

My MAC Pro Palette Quad

So after I finished my first little quad which was all neutral shades which you can see here, I decided that I had to complete another. I had some birthday cash so I got myself another empty quad from my local Mac and filled it up that same day. 
I already had Smut and Beauty Marked in pots so I roped the boyfriend in to help de-pot them (mainly so I didn't slice a finger off) so I could pop them in my new matte beauty and that is how this turned into my new smokey eye palette! 

I then went and purchased Knight Divine and Shadowy Lady to complete it! 

Knight Divine -veluxe pearl -  is a silvery, black shade and is so soft! I thought this might need a bit of build up but I was really impressed with this. It also leaves barely any fall out on your cheeks. I've used this a couple of times on its own blended with Naked Lunch for a day time look.

Smut - Velvet finish - is a dark, grey shadow with a slight red shimmer to it. So slight that I can only see it if I hold it up really closely. This is perfect for a dark eye look especially along the lash line in place of liner.

Beauty Marked - velvet finish - is a gorgeous deep purple colour with dark purple glitter.. in the pan. As soon as you sweep it onto your lids it's completely different, almost a black shade. If you apply this wet you get a much deeper colour but more burgundy than what is in the pan. I love it though as you can see I hit the pan a long time ago on this one.

Shadowy Lady - matte finish - is a deep plum colour and so pigmented. It blends well but you need a light hand to apply. It works really well in the crease and along the lash line. Just remember less is more with this one. 

What are your favourite Mac eyeshadows?


  1. Wow I adore this palette, Knight Divine and Beauty Marked look gorgeous. I've got the 12 pro palette and trying to fill that up hehe. I'm loving All That Glitters and Cranberry :)

    Charmed Charlee

    1. I got my first quad because I didn't think I could justify getting the 15 piece and now I'm regretting it haha! I do love my little quads though xx

  2. Oooh it looks lovely! I just invested in the MAC 15 piece eyeshadow palette! :D

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    1. I think I should of got the 15 piece.. maybe next time.. I have an eye shadow issue haha xx

  3. Smut & shadowy lady look gorgeous! :) xx

    1. Shadowy Lady is lovely! And applies so soft! Thanks for commenting xx


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